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Documents utiles pour le volontaire

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"How to run a workcamp"

A practical guide for workcamp leaders
Available on line (

"The leader trainer handbook"
A special handbook for leaders.
Information on how to prepare training courses, how to recruit leaders, methods of leadership.
available on line

"NVDA Handbook for LMTV"
Produced by the Network for Voluntary Development in Asia.
This handbook is a guidebook for organisations which run LMTV programmes.
available on line

"NVDA Guideline of Exchange"
Produced by the Network for Voluntary Development in Asia.
This document contains information on how to run volunteers' exchanges between organisations.
available on line

"Workcamp Organizer's Manual"
Produced by Volunteers for Peace, USA.
The goal of this manual is to provide basic information on the history of workcamps and VFP,
and offer practical suggestions for creating positive workcamp experiences.
available on line

"No size can fit all"
CCIVS module on intercultural learning,
or how to seize the chance for intercultural learning in international voluntary service projects?
available on line.

"The Freshwater Guide"
A tool to organise activities on the issue of fresh water.
available on line (
French and English)

T-Kit 6 : Training Essentials

All you need to know about Training

available on line (English / French)


Manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance (2004)
English / French

Education pack
Idea, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults (2005)
English /French

"T-Kits", General link
English / various
The training kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers. They are easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions. T-Kits are produced in English. Some of them are also available in French or German.
available on line


this is a half-yearly magazine targeted at European youth workers and trainers with background reading on priority topics, interviews with trainers, reviews of training methodologies, etc you can read it online at www.training-youth.net (under publications)

The EKCYP's Good practices database

The goal of the good practices database is to chart the landscape of European youth work, training and youth policy in order to identify the dynamics and constants in the field. It helps young people, youth trainers, and policy makers to develop ideas for more and better projects by exploring what has been realised in other communities or in different countries. http://www.youth-partnership.net/youth-partnership/goodpractices.html

Research publication


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