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Youth Center News

Posted on 2013-10-23 18:40:50 by Thanh Linh

A day out with the kids 

Today is my first day working in the YC. When I came, Linh asked me to take the children to zoo today with a local volunteer and Anny. I took the three kids to zoo, where we spent a whole day there.
In the zoo, we saw so many kinds of animals like monkey, elephant, peacock, crocodile and so on. Children looked excited and happy, so did we adults. Through this trip, they would have a clear impression about those animals.
The experience today also recalled my days in primary school. At that time, my teachers took us out just like this. Old days went fast, but memories not. Those are the best gifts for me.

Ms. Wen. STV in Youth Center

Call for local volunteers 

Dear brothers and sisters,

In Youth Center, there are 2 kids who have been studying for 9 years and they are senior students in high school now. Next year, they will have chance to take part in national examination. Now we really need local volunteers to teach them Maths and Vietnamese for the girl who will try to enter D (Maths, Vietnamese and English). On the other hand, we also need local volunteers who can teach Maths, Chemical and Physical for the boy who will try to enter A (Maths, Physic and Chemistry). When you work in Youth Center, you do not only teach the kids but you also have chances to join in our activities with foreigners. Therefore, you can improve your English and communicated skills. However, this activity requires volunteers who can follow longterm because we have 1 year to teach these kids. So we can not accept anyone who just want to work for few weeks or 1 or 2 months. 

If you are interested in, please contact to me by email: or

Thanks for reading!

Thanh Linh

Football Activities

Every Friday the Youth Center instituted a new activity for the kids, a football game. Thanks to the financial help of SJ Vietnam and some volunteers, until the end of the year the kids can share a convivial moment and develop their football skills. Work camp arrivals have allowed organizing bigger games with more players. This new tradition is a fantastic idea to help the children to develop a team spirit let them do exercises. Even volunteers enjoyed the time spent around this activity not only to practice sport but also to bound relationships with the kids. This Friday was organized a game between two teams for my last day and despite the hot weather everybody had fun. That’s why I want to thank all the volunteers who organized this activity and all the persons who have permitted to find the finance to do it.
Douat Damien 

Feeling about Kids'smiles

In order to entertain and please the kids of the Youth Center, so YC coordinator and longterm volunteers decided to organize a day at the botanic garden in Ha Noi. The task was not easy. In fact, we had to look after more than 15 children but we could count on the help of 10 local volonteers and the less we can say it's that was useful. 
The morning we planned to play team games. These teams were composed of the kids and the volunteers. Despite one or two kids, all were involved. It was a good way to communicate and build relationships between the kids and the volunteers, for those who didn't know well them. After all the physical activities the kids and the volunteers grouped together around an organized pic nic. In the afternoon, the kids were brought to a special place to do linskating or patins as it's said in Vietnam. It was a great moment to try a new activity for the kids. It was the first time for the most of them but they all showed evidence of abnegation. As a reward a cloth would be offered to the kids later in the afternoon, just before the football game.
To put it in a nutshell, we can say that it was a great day for all of us because everybody had fun and it was a great opportunity to bound relationships with the kids. In my case, I was really happy because I could see happiness on all kids faces that's why I want to thank all the volunteers for their implication and Linh (YC coordinator) for his leadership during the preparation. 
Damien Douat (longterm vol)



I am writing to inform you about an SPECIAL AND INTERESTING event which will be hold up by Youth Center, namely KIDS' SMILES for Children Day Ceremony (1st June).

This SHOW will be organized tomorrow (Friday, 31st May, 2013) from 9:00a.m to 17:30p.m. with many out-door activities such as: Jumping, Tug of War, Team building game and Patin. Illatively, A football match between the kids and the volunteers will be held at Phuc Xa stadium at 4:30

Best regards,


Thanh Linh

English Activities for local volunteers on Wednesday!

Dear local volunteers,


Nowadays, English is a golden key in order to open your future so that many students have been trying to study this subject by many different ways. Some of my friends chose to learn in English Centers like Acet, Apolo, Language Link and Cleverlearn which give learners many chances to speak with foreigners. Normally, they have to pay few million vietnamdong for one course and that fee may be too much for many students.  That's why SJ Viet Nam and foreign volunteers decided to create an English activity with repects to Speaking and Listening (General English).

The English Activity will be organized for local volunteers in Youth Center every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 - 3:30 (p.m). In addition, there are foreign volunteers will take part in discussing in this activities. Moreover, this activitiy will be opened free for you with the purpose of creating English environment.  

You may wonder where is Youth Center so we will give you YC's address: No 34, lane 133/13, Tan Ap st. Ba Dinh Dist.

- If you go by bus, there will be 2 bus stops which you can choose. One is Long Bien bus station. After you get off the bus, you can cross the road and go along with Yen Phu road and keep moving forward until you meet Tan Ap st. in your left-side. Then, you turn left and go straigt until you see lane 133 in your left-side again, you turn left and walk about 30 meters, you will see alley 13 in your left-side. From that, you can ask the local people about the place where are looking after the kids in Fisher Village and the Island or call me, I will come to catch you. Second one is Yen Phu bus station. If you don't know this, you can ask about Yen Phu Water Supply. And Tan Ap st. is opposite of this factory. After u find Tan Ap, you can follow the above direction.

- If you go by bike, you can search Yen Phu rd. or Hong Ha rd. because both of these roads also catch Tan Ap street. After you find Tan Ap street, you follow the above direction.

Finally, many people want to join in, but there will be limited members from 8 - 10 people/ 1 day (SJV volunteer in advance) can join in. So please register to us as soon as possible by: 0904597598 or email: 


Best regards,


Thanh Linh


Call the local volunteer for Youth Center Project in Summer 2013


Hi every one,

As you know that SJ Viet Nam has run Youth House project (current name: Youth Center) since 2004 with the purpose of looking after the disadvantage children who live in Fisher Village and The Island. 

In summer 2013, we are seeking 8 positions for the local volunteers who love children and can speak English well because you will work the children all the time and communicate to foreigners, either. 

If you are interested in, please don't hensitate to contact us by phone: +84904597598 or by email:

Thanks so much for reading!


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