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About Us

Posted on 2012-11-06 09:56:58 by Hong


Youth Center– Home of love and creativity

Youth Center is a new idea improved from our core project Youth House. Youth House is a second home for the disadvantaged children living in the Fisher Village where they can have non-formal education by the international and local volunteers and free-lunch Since the difficult starting days, thanks to the support and sponsorship of friends and partners all around the world, SJ Vietnam succeeded in making the birth certificates for the children and sending them to public schools.

SJ Vietnam expects the Youth House to become a space not only for the poor and disadvantaged children but also for all the youngsters to share, to work and to exchange culture together, especially in voluntary activities.

That’s why Youth House becomes Youth Center!!!

What we have in Youth Center???

Coming up from many ideas of international and local volunteers, Youth Center will be a “complex” of many interesting spaces where the youngsters can join:

1. Cafeteria a meeting point for the youth to share ideas about volunteering, active citizenship responsibility and social integration and get to know more about culture from international volunteers of SJ.

2. Book corner where guests can drink coffee and read books. Even they can buy books at lower price to donate for Youth Center

3. Charity shop where SJ Vietnam volunteers collect all the donated stuffs, decorate and renew to sell it.

4. Language class where international  and local volunteers can come over to organize the creative activities like workshops for the children or to have the language courses together.

5. Kitchen where our children have lunch everyday , also a place for local volunteers and international volunteers come help and experience  Vietnamese and international cuisine


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