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What is a LTV?

Posted on 2010-07-18 12:12:27 by Max

LTV stands for Long-Term Volunteer and is used by SJ Vietnam to refer to all volunteers committing to a project for more than one month.

The LTV role is intended for people who already have experience in the voluntary field. Also, as projects run for several months, committing to being an LTV is not the same as being on holiday - it is a serious decision about leaving one's matters here and starting something "there", in a place which is far away from our friends, familiar places, culture and comfortable life. A long-term volunteer is a person who actively takes part in a project lasting from 1 to 12 months.

Minimal conditions to become a LTV

There is a minimum age of 18 to become a LTV. Volunteers are expected to have a very high motivation and a certain amount of "life experience", meaning that s/he can look after themself, work independently and be able to deal with any problems that might occur during the time the volunteer is abroad. The applicant should be open-minded towards the project and motivated to carry out the work of the project. The vast majority of our volunteers are committed to working for the common goals of the project. If a volunteer has some workcamp experience, then s/he has met with an international group of people, lived in basic living conditions and knows what to expect from a project's living and working conditions. This can be important as LTV work can demand a lot of initiative and independence.

Educational approach

SJ Vietnam promotes active management and democracy as an approach to encourage volunteers to take responsibility and become self-reliant through experimentation, success and partnership. The LTVs have to be involved in their project and undertake responsibilities including project management, work schedule and the organization of activities. The LTV manages their food budget and social life in close relation with the staff and the local SJ Vietnam members.

Can I join a LTV project with a friend or with a group?

People wishing to be placed in one project together should register as early as possible because we try to limit the number of people from the same nationality to avoid division between volunteers and to create the richest possible international environment mix for the volunteers. If you wish to join a LTV as a group, then it is not a LTV project anymore but what we call a "bi-lateral project" between your group and SJ Vietnam. Please contact us at for more information.

How is it organized?

In cooperation with several local partner organizations and institutes, SJ Vietnam organizes around 12 long-term projects (LTV-projects) in and around Hanoi each year. These long-term projects can be attended from one month up to one year and they require more than just carrying out the work at the specific locations. Long-term volunteers have to participate more actively in the SJV organization and management of their project. The long-term projects are much more intense than our short-term projects and need a higher level of motivation. Volunteers have to participate actively in the management of the project; sometimes they have also to supervise and support short-term volunteers. LTVs will stay in one of the SJV houses in Hanoi and will live together in an international environment surrounded by many different cultures. Cooking, cleaning, having fun (also sometimes conflict management) and learning about each other's cultures will be part of everyday life. Please read the Infosheet about our projects for more detailed information.

At the end of your work as a long-term volunteer you will see the world from a different point of view. The cultural challenges that volunteers will encounter during their stay will strengthen their knowledge of problem-solving and life experience, so that when you return home, you will probably look differently at things that always used to be very common to you.

Please have a look at our projects (all projects can be done long and short term). You will also find general information about Vietnam, Hanoi and SJ Vietnam in the Infosheet section.

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