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Posted on 2016-07-14 11:12:13 by Phuc

Social inclusion conference_ SIOBers’ adventure in Hanoi

17 May, 2016 _nearly 6 months from the latest meeting in Peru, today 21 SIOB facilitators from Europe, Asia and America Latin are all gathering once again in the Social Inclusion Conference hosted by SJ Vietnam. The conference occurred in a supportive, friendly environment.

As one of so many activities of the Social inclusion project, this international and interdisciplinary conference again aims to bring all the partners of 3 continents together, create tools for through creativity to empowering and building capacities of many NGOs about social inclusion. Besides, the another important aim of this conference is improve the collaboration between NGOs all around the world.  


At the nice large space called Toong, we set up network and create new relationships. Vietnamese audience_ a lot of NGOs’ staffs and young potential students, volunteers not only from Hanoi but also from others cities, had opportunities to reach the newest definition of “social inclusion”, “toolkit” and “taste” them through a lot of interesting workshops. At this friendly conference, we tried to share and give visibility to all the products that have been reached during the project such as video games, viral videos and toolkits. Moreover, our volunteers enjoyed participating in a lot of exciting, creative warm up and teambuilding activities, etc.


SJ Viet Nam would like to say thank you to all of the participants and facilitators for helping us successfully hosted this event. We hope that you enjoyed the conference and we can organize more interesting event like this in Vietnam.




The innovation competition is now open to accept proposals for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth in Action for the Sustainable Development Goals is an international project with collaboration of 9 country partner organizations. Its goal is to promote and support youth participation in the contribution for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. With the financial support from European Commission, 9 partner organizations from Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Nepal, Philippines, Nepal and Vietnam will be elaborating on a collaboration hub to encourage youth initiatives to solve social issues in accordance with 17 SDGs.


With the aim to encourage and support youth initiative, YiA4SDGs is now calling for all innovative ideas from the 9 partner countries to support the implementation to contribute to the achievement of the 17 SDGs. Project proposal will be presented in our collaboration hub, at


Who Can Participate?
18-35 years old, and must be a citizen of one of the participating countries (Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Nepal, Philippines, Nepal and Vietnam)

Must be able to fully participate in the Training Course which will be held from 1st to 10th July 2016. Participants should also have a strong commitment to agree on the piloting phase of the project after returning from the Training Course. The piloting phase shall be ended by the end of September.

Participants are required to implement the project in their respective country in accordance with the submitted proposals.

Participants must submit the complete report at the end of the piloting phase as requirement from the organizers.


To submit your proposal, please go to : to fill out the project proposal template. Your proposal should be categorized into one of the 17 SDGs. 01 (one) entry only is allowed for one person.

* Projects may be proposed by a partnership of two or more as a team (not more than 3 members per team) but only the one person per submitted proposal will be chosen to participate in the Training Course in Romania in July (if only the proposal is chosen as the winning project)


We are looking for project proposals that have:
- Innovative character
- Direct Issue-solution approach
- Feasible and implementable
- Concrete impact on the community and target groups
- Sustainability to go beyond the initial support of the competition


25th April 2016: Competition opened
14th May 2016: Competition closed
1st June 2016: Winners announced
1st – 10th July 2016: Training course in Romania
August – September 2016: Piloting Phase


Selected proposals will be granted a full funded trip to participate the Training Course in Romania from 1st to 10th July 2016).


All submitted entries shall be the property of ACTOR organization (Leading organization) and may be used for any non-commercial purpose without any compensation made to the entrant.

All entries and materials for the competition must be presented in English. All entrants must submit original work and provide references where other work is cited.

By entering the Competition, you (entrant), agree to comply with and be bound by the following official competition rules. Please review the Rules carefully. If you do not agree to the Rules in their entirety, you are not permitted to enter the Contest.

ACTOR reserves the right to amend these official rules. All decisions about entry eligibility, disqualification, selection of competition winners, and awards are within the sole and complete discretion of ACTOR and partner organizations.

By participating in this contest, participants assume all responsibility for their submission, and acknowledge and irrevocably agree that the promoter shall not in any manner be liable for legal action, damages, third party interruption and/or any error arising from this promotion.

For more information, please contact your country organization at:
Romania: ACTOR (
Bulgaria: FOCUS (
Slovenia: PiNA (
Greece: USB (
France: Water Youth Network (
Nepal: VIN (
Philippines: YSDA (
Thailand: VSA (
Vietnam: SJ Vietnam (


Meaningful Lunar New Year with international volunteer workcamp

As its tradition, every year, SJ Vietnam organise a workcamp to make Chung cake for poor people and disadvantaged children for Lunar New Year. In 2016,18 international and local volunteers made 220 cakes to distribute to Phuc Tue disable center, Lap Thach orphanage and Fisher Village



On the day of July 7, 2015 SJ Viet Nam in collaboration with Can Gio mangrove protection management board organized a workcamp aims to contribute to the conservation and development in mangrove forest for 10 volunteers. The volunteers have participated in several activities such as planting, harvesting and measuring the seeds, tree care and cultural exchange with local people.
The volunteers have created 300 bags of land for planting and renewed 150 bags. We also completed the task to harvest mangrove seeds and shipped over 150 seedlings. The total number of seeds that we have harvested were 6 pockets. Besides that we also carry out professional work with the experts of Cần Giờ mangrove protection management board such as measuring and planting trees.Volunteers have been provided the best conditions in the implementation process in Can Gio .
The volunteers have participated enthusiastically and understand more about the use of mangroves in protecting the environment and geology as well as learn more about the culture and cuisine of Vietnam.
SJ Viet Nam would like to thank the Can Gio mangrove protection management board  for helping us successfully implemented this workcamp. We also hope to have more of such workcamp in the future.


WHV workcamp in Hoi An - ancient town

Occurred from 15 June to 27 June, 2015 in Quang Nam, the Sustainable tourism in Triem Tay eco-village workcamp is one of the projects by organized SJ Vietnam in Triem Tay Village, Quang Nam, in the series program of World Heritage Volunteer 2015. The aim of the workcamp is to raise the awareness of young people about world heritage preservation and encourage them to create a sustainable eco-tourism development. Coming to the workcamp, volunteers from three regions of Vietnam and different countries carry out a lot of activities on the theme of world heritage preservation and developing eco-tourism in a green village. 

The camp is officially held at Triem Tay village, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province, a very isolated eco-village which includes 147 households. Gathering in Triem Tay, 50 volunteers including 43 Vietnamese from various areas of Vietnam and 8 international volunteers from France, Korea and Japan have lived, experienced and worked together with the highest spirit of youth. All the volunteers in concert with local communities and local authorities have implemented various activities: cleaning up the road in village, guide villagers the know-how to provide homestay service, conducting the survey about the village, the understandings of villagers about tourism and tourism potentials of the village; building a map for tourists to Triem Tay; making street art show at An Hoi Park and photography exhibition in Da Nang, etc. Besides, volunteers have opportunities to explore the village, visit Hoi An ancient town and enjoy the fresh atmosphere. 

The project promisingly will bring newer thoughts to Triem Tay’s villagers about its eco- tourism potentials and introduce Triem Tay to more people as well as raise the awareness of students and young people about heritage preservation, heritage development and volunteerism. SJ Vietnam and the other organizations will continue implementing more projects to bring a long-term


Nowadays, ICT is becoming more important in modern life especially for young people to be more employable. This year, SJ Vietnam is a full member in many projects with purpose helping young generation in Vietnam. One of them is called  “CLICK – Improving Access to Digital Literacy for Young People”. It aims to improve the employability of young people through improved entrepreneurship education and ICT. It aspires to capacitate youth workers in designing youth trainings that make use of ICT tools, and develop young “digital entrepreneurs”, who use ICT for their business ventures. CLICK was developed because the low digital literacy rate of young people and youth workers, which restrict their ability to take advantage of the digitizing market.


In January, We had a meeting named “Kick off meeting” in Poland. All of members together discussed about how would we do to gain the best effect and benefit for young people in our countries.

From May 19th to June 3rd, I joined Job-shadowing activity at Afyon Kocatepe university in Afyonkarahysar, Turkey.  During my time in Turkey, I gained ICT knowledge through some ICT lessons such as web design, E-commerce, Information security, Management information system. Otherwise, I got some lessons that related to Entrepreneurship: Current trends in youth employment, Young entrepreneur success stories. I improved a lot and would use what I learned for my job and to help other people. They would be helpful to prepare for the following training activity named Hakathon in Philippines.  I really appreciated everything our mentors did for me during the time I stayed in Turkey


From June 15th to June 28th SJ Vietnam is going to host Kasia from Poland to join Job-shadowing in Vietnam. We will give her some ICT lessons and a short entrepreneurship course. Hopefully she will enjoy them and get more experiences to use for the youth traning.



From 1st to 9th May 2015, “Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Laboratory (YELL)” training was successfully hosted by SJ Vietnam in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. With the participation of multinational delegates from Vietnam, Philippines, Poland, Germany and Spain, YELL training served as a connecting bridge between young social entrepreneurs and experts for networking, learning, exchanging ideas and insights about building and developing sustainable social enterprise. 


By arming youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to start a smart social business as well as contribute to the sustained development of society and community, YELL training strived to combine practical learning experiences with outstanding opportunities for international cooperation and collaboration. In hope of assisting youth in business development orientation and turning initial ideas into real social business, the seminar focused on providing participants background knowledge of strategic business plan based on CANVAS model, methods to effectively manage the cash flow of enterprises and successfully persuade investors as well as indentifying common mistakes of young start-ups and essential skills of social entrepreneurs. 

This provided a great foundation for inspiring and motivating multinational delegates interested in the field of social business and entrepreneurship to apply valuable knowledge gained from the training into practice and take solid steps to strengthen their own social business.


CHANGING PERSPECTIVES” project- 1st training in the Philippines from 24 April-1st May, 2015

Linh- Youth Center- SJ Vietnam’s project for disadvantaged children at Fisher Village, Red River, Hanoi, Vietnam said: “Since I have done my volunteer in SJ Vietnam, I strongly believe that good people still are around me. That’s when I see foreign volunteers come to teach the kids in Youth Center, a project of SJ Vietnam, we have run for 10 years. Furthermore, I also meet plenty of Vietnamese youth who often come to help us do our daily tasks in Youth Center without any conditions. In my opinion, doing volunteer is one of the best activities ever that help me feel the world and human touch, however, some people still doubt about our volunteer activities and they also wonder about the impact of its. Although I have tried to explain, we need to do something else to prove and show the impact. Fortunately, there is a project, namely “changing perspectives – measuring and showing impact f volunteering”, will be run in 2015 and SJ Vietnam will send two participants to join in this project. The first trip will start in the end of April from 26th April to 1st May in Manila, Philippines. In this trip, we have chances to join in a training course about the tools for survey such as questionnaires, survey, methods… It will be an interesting trip and bring a lot of new experiences for us. Moreover, it will be useful for me to show the impact of volunteering to who are wondering”

Postcard contest - terms and regulations

About the postcard contest

The postcard contest form part of the international project called GLOBAL PLACE: Global Partnership for Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating involving 17 partners from 16 different countries: Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, France, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Malawi, Nicaragua and Peru in order to achieve together the following goals:

  1. Strengthen a network of organizations with common vision on volunteers exchange and sustainable development,
  2. Create a response to the post-2015 development agenda in the sphere of youth,
  3. Foster cooperation and improve the quality in the field of EVS Exchange.



The contest is open to all young people who:

  • are 35 years old or younger
  • are from Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, France, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Malawi, Nicaragua or Peru
  • there is no limitation of number of postcards that can be submitted by one person.



Postcard Size: 12 cm x 16,8cm used in either a horizontal or vertical format. The surface must be flat with no moving parts or additions.

Design: All designs must be on one side of the postcard. On the opposite side the organizers claims the right to include the information about the project, sustainable development goals and funding institutions.  

  • Designs must be original, appropriate for all audiences, not offensive or derogatory.
  • There is no specific technique required. Participants are free to be creative and use the technique that best fits their postcard idea.
  • All submissions must be in JPEG format. Submissions displaying copyright notes, watermarks, signatures, and other written information will NOT be accepted.
  • Each postcard design needs to include the full name of the goal, that is representing


Postcard Theme

The contest aims to create visual representation of the Sustainable Developmtn Goals.

One postcard should represent one of the golas:


Goal 1

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Goal 2

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Goal 3

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Goal 5

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Goal 6

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Goal 7

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Goal 9

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Goal 10

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Goal 11

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Goal 13

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*

Goal 14

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Goal 15

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Goal 16

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Goal 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

For more information about the Sustainable Development Goals click here:


How to submit:

All people who want to participate in the contest needs to submit thir work via submission form:

The deadline for submission is 31st of May.


Selection of winners

There will be 3 winners of the contest,

The process of selection of winners has two phases:

  1. Voting via Facebook – all the submissions will be posted on within 2 working days from submission date. Voting is based on “number of Likes” on Facebook only. 8 postcards per country with the biggest number of ¨likes¨ by 31st of May 12:00 (GMT +2) will participate in the second stage of selection.
  2. Evaluation by experts – there will be a consortium of 4 experts and project coordinator created, that will decide upon the winners.

The winners will be informed by 15th of June 2015


Awards & Prizes

The 3 winners will be awarded the tablet.

Additionally, the postcards of the winners, will be printed and widely distributed.


Other terms

All submitted entries become the property of Cazalla Intercultural and may be used by us for any purpose whatsoever without compensation to the entrant. Entries will not be acknowledge or returned.

Only non-commercial work may be submitted.

By submitting to the contest you are admitting copyright ownership of everything submitted.

By entering the Contest, you (entrant), agree to comply with and be bound by the following official contest rules. Please review the Rules carefully. If you do not agree to the Rules in their entirety, you are not permitted to enter the Contest.

Cazalla Intercultural reserves the right to amend these official rules. All decisions about entry eligibility, disqualification, selection of contest finalists, and awards of prizes are within the sole and complete discretion of Cazalla Intercultural.

  1. By participating in this contest, participants assume all responsibility for their submission, and acknowledge and irrevocably agree that the promoter shall not in any manner be liable for legal action, damages, third party interruption and/or any error arising from this promotion.
  2. Prizes and gifts are non-exchangeable for cash.

- See more at:


Seeking volunteers to join in making virual video of Social 

Inclusion – Out of the Box project.

Social Inclusion – Out of the box is a project with 11 participants from Spain, Czech Republic, German, Italia, Peru, England, Ecuador, Holland, Nepal, China and Vietnam.

We had a Kick-off meeting from 21st – 28th of March, 2015 successfully in Barcelona, Spain with 22 participants from 11 countries.  The overall aim of this project is enhance the international cooperation among youth organizations of Europe, Asia, Latin America, in the field of social inclusion through creativity, by exchanging best practices, developing relevant competences and creating innovative tools supporting the inclusion work with young people at local and global level, as well as professional development of youth workers and enhancing the capacities of youth organizations. Several activities will be run after kick off meeting such as develop new tools on social inclusion  on the basic of best practices: viral videos, games and toolkit, blog; join in intermediate evaluation in Peru or final evaluation in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In April, SJ Vietnam plans to create a team of making viral video. With a team of 5 young people who are interested in making video, writing script and so on we expect to develop one viral video in September, 2015.

If any volunteer would love to join in project with us, please feel free to contact to Ms: Hang via email :

We will update about the project on the website so please follow and  support.


YELL Seminar (Manila, Philippines, 2015)

On 13th March 2015, SJVietnam had sent eight representatives as Vietnam delegate to attend an international seminar in Manila, Philippines, from 13th  – 21st March, working on project “Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Laboratory (YELL)”, hosted by Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly (YSDA).


The project YELL had gathered multinational participants from Vietnam, Philippines, Poland, Germany and Spain, each delegate compiled of young social entrepreneurs and experts to together work on the framework of Social Entrepreneurship. 

By creating an open space where all delegates are able to discuss best practices of multi-background social enterprises; to exchange technical knowledge on startup and to provide essential background information on international cooperation, the seminar therefore wishes to inspire youth initiatives and increase their capacities to become a social entrepreneur.

The seminar had also organized a forum on “Public – Private Partnership for Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship” at Asian Development Bank on 16th March, 2015, to further give participants the overview of social enterprise in the Philippines; and by identifying common issues which prevent youth from starting up their own social enterprises to provide supports nationally and internationally. 

As a partner in this project, SJVietnam will be hosting the crucial phase of YELL – The training course – at Dong Thap province, Vietnam, from 1st to 9th May, 2015. The training course will once again, gather all participants to further and comprehensively equip them with professional and practical knowledge on turning initial ideas to sustainable social enterprise.



As usual, when Tet is coming, SJ Vietnam organizes special workcamp named “Traditional new year (also known as TET) for poor children and families”. In this workcamp (from 1st - 11st February 2015), SJ Vietnam welcomed 9 foreign volunteers from Germany, Belgium, South Korea and Hong Kong. We made nearly 300 Chung cakes and delivered them to children and families in Phuc Tue center, Hold the Future center and orphanage "Hope Center" in Vinh Phuc. Alone Fisher village, SJ Vietnam and our volunteers gave washing liquids to households. The special thing in this workcamp is that foreign and Vietnamese volunteers prepared a special performance for children in Phuc Tue center and Hold the Future center. That performance attracted and got the effective response from everybody in the centers.


Travel Grants for European Youths to Travel to Developing Countries

Deadline: Various

The KU Leuven is offering travel grants for European students traveling to a developing country as part of their study programme (thesis research, practical training). A grant of 1000 euro can be requested to support the travel and stay.

As a KU Leuven travel grant student, your assignment in the South should take at least 6 weeks. One of the local organizations will welcome you and guide you during your stay. This could be a university, an NGO, a government institution or a hospital. In addition, your KU Leuven promoter or supervisor will support your project abroad.

Are you enrolled as a student at KU Leuven? If so, you can apply for a travel grant if you meet the following requirements:

You are a student in one of the following programmes:

  • a Bachelor’s programme
  • a Master’s programme
  • an advanced Master’s programme
  • You are a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union or of a member state of the European Free Trade Association (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland).
  • Your assignment is related to one of the parts of your KU Leuven study programme for which you will obtain credits, such as thesis research or practical training. Just following courses in a developing country, is not enough.
  • You will be staying in one of the 54 eligible countries (see below).
  • Your stay in the South will take at least six weeks (during academic year or holiday period).
  • At least one month of the total period abroad will be scheduled in 2015. Departure in 2014 is possible as well as returning in 2015. In case your travel is planned after the 1st of december 2015, you will have to use the next edition of the travel grant programme.
  • The travel grant application should be submitted before departure to the South and before the final deadline.
  • You have never received a VLIR-UOS/IRO travel grant before
  • You do not receive any other kind of grant to finance your study travelling period.

Destinations in developing countries that qualify for a VLIR-UOS travel grant are countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

For more information, visit this link.



In response to International Volunteer Day-IVD, a global celebration of volunteerism (December 5th), National Volunteer Day 2014 was launched at Hoa Binh Park, Hanoi on Dec 6th.

In Vietnam, IVD is annually held to honour individuals and organizations who have contributed to volunteer movements, thus promoting involvement of youth in volunteerism.

This year, we not only celebrate voluntary day, but also pay special tribute to people’s participation in attempt to make positive changes.

The event was co-organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union, National Volunteer Centre, United Nations Volunteers Programe, Institute of Hematology-Central Blood Transfusion and Hanoi Association of Volunteer.

Under the theme “I love Vietnam”, around 10,000 volunteers from nearly 100 Vietnamese and foreign clubs, organizations attended this meaningful event.

A wide range of activities were also held at the event such as camping, music and dance performances, quiz show and so on. The event was a good opportunity for voluntary organizations, groups and clubs to exchange their experiences in social activities.

On the occasion, SJ Vietnam joined as one of the leading international youth NGOs, which enhances values of solidarity, peace and tolerance through citizenship projects to improve social community. Besides, the appearance of foreign volunteers from SJ Vietnam also brought new culture exchanges and volunteering experiences to students and local volunteers at the event.



In contribution to the annual campaign “World Food Day” and joining the meaningful movement of NVDA’s Action Food Day - 16th October, SJVietnam the South branch had launched a campaign to support the action to against hunger and malnutrition.

The team and volunteers had gathered to raise fund and prepare food to deliver in hands of people in need. The campaign was successfully fund-raised that subsequently used to prepare more than 60 dinner boxes to distribute.

Together with 15 volunteers, we divided into 2 groups to deliver fresh-made dinner boxes to poor people on the street. The campaign later was reported on local online news in order to raise awareness and expand the meaningful movement of World Food Day to the community.




As the current development agenda Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is approaching the target date on 2015, the future plan on international development beyond 2015 has been discussed. Therefore the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are set to succeed the UN MDGs. By this important perspective, the project had been built and implemented by Cazalla Intercultural organization (Spain), under financial support by European Union (UN) to foster and enhance the development especially in Asia-Europe dimension.


The project named “Learning from Sustainable Development - LSD” is a project within the framework of the Youth in Action programme. LSD had gathered partner organizations from Vietnam, Philippines, Lithuania, Indonesia, India, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, China and Netherland to join the project with the aim at building and upgrading facilitating skill for participants. The project LSD has gone through 4 phases as Training Course in Spain (January 2014), Job Shadowing and Local phase (April to July 2014), and the Evaluation Seminar which was hosted recently in Manila, Philippines from 18th to 23rd September 2014 by YSDA organization.

As an active member in the project, SJVietnam had sent 3 representatives to attend the Evaluation Seminar. The seminar had provided a proper space where all participants could evaluate and discuss on the previous phases to identify the changes, the improvements and the good practices in facilitating youth projects. Furthermore, the Evaluation Seminar result came out as an agreement on producing Guidebook for Youth facilitators on Sustainable Development.

The Evaluation Seminar had been implemented successfully which resulted quality outputs and outcomes that support partner organizations to make action plans on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



On 09/10/2014 SJ Vietnam International began working in the Conservation Center for Ho Citadel. Welcoming the delegation, towards the center representatives, there were the Board of Directors and the departments of Conservation Center for Ho Citadel. Towards SJ Vietnam, they were 04 international volunteers (Germany, Italy, and France), 03 Vietnamese volunteers. 

On behalf of the Central Board, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Math - Deputy Director introduced to the delegation about the organizational structure and the tasks of the Conservation Center for Ho Citadel. The Central Board also set their expectation for the volunteers to become enthusiastic propagandists to promote Conservation Center for Ho Citadel’s image to friends not only in Vietnam but also all over the world. Besides, he also suggested that the unions can coordinate and advise for the center in designing some sample souvenirs. From these points, he wanted to create so many expressive products and the Conservation Center For Ho Citadel‘s symbol itself.

The project timeline was occurred from 10/09 to 14/09 and it consisted of many activities such as: visiting and taking photograph around some adjacent vestiges of Conservation Center For Ho Citadel; researching about the Conservation Center; supporting the Center in the designing some media items (brochures, posters etc.); organizing cultural exchange with heritage surrounding schools. International volunteer organization came from many different nationalities with many professional fields. This is a precious chance to help the international communities have the opportunities to work and study, along with the interesting practical experience when participating in community activities in the areas of the Conservation Center for Ho Citadel.



To celebrate Vietnamese Parents' day and International Humanitarian day 19-8, SJ Vietnam in collaboration with local partner CEC center, organized family camp which attracted more than 300 people including primary & junior school's students and local people involved. 

The first time ever in such a small city, the parents (who always think "we are aldult") performed Macarena with international volunteers, played with kids in English games even they couln't speak any word in English or collected rubbish on the beach...

Our aim is to educate children how to contribute to society through developing their understanding about environment, life around them and the role of family and school.



Another 2 Workcamps have come to an end, with the first at Phu Thuong Primary School in Thai Nguyen Province. A group of Belgium volunteers and 3 local volunteers spent time with over 100 minority children, aged 6 to 9. The school’s music room was painted and volunteers in the village helped to renovate a memorial in the village.

The second Workcamp took place at an orphanage and disabled centre in Hai Duong Province. 23 volunteers from England renovated the kitchen, cleaned the computer room and repaired and decorated the slide for the children to play on. They, also, organised activities for the children, such as, making bracelets and singing songs. The volunteers ended their stay by celebrating with karaoke and hot pot.



The camp started on June 9th, 2014 and there were 12 members in our team including international volunteers, volunteers from HCM city and the local people. Together, we’ve brought a bunch of happiness to the children in an education center in Tuy Hoa city for the last 2 weeks. We did a really great job in organizing games for the children in the morning, speaking English with them in the evening English classes, and decorating the walls of a nearby kindergarten. In addition to executing the task assigned by the workcamp, we had a wonderful time hanging out and enjoying the local special foods, exchanging cultures with our international friends from Korea, Japan and France. Besides, the local people are so kind and friendly, without whom we would not have had a successful workcamp.




On 29th May 2014, a group of 8 volunteers from SJ Vietnam and "HÆ°Æ¡ng Sen Đại Bi" in collaboration with "Bring Music to the Hospital" organised an event for children at the National Hospital of Accupuncture. 

There were gifts sent to 200 patients and 20 monetary donations were given to selected patients at the hospital. Children and their parents were so excited to meet famous singers, actors, and actresses on the stage.

This day marks almost one year SJ Vietnam has worked at the National Hospital of Accupuncture. Volunteers from SJ Vietnam also took this opportunity to establish a play room for kids within the pediatric ward (which will opened on June 8). 

We hope that we can continue to bring smiles similar to these as we contribute to the hospital's motto: "Bring a smile, sooth the pain".


Training on Advocacy and Campaigning related to Peace and Human Rights work of Voluntary Service Organisations

Raising Peace is a one year long project/campaign of CCIVS and its member organisations that aims to make the role of International Voluntary Service (IVS) in the construction of Peace and Human Rights more visible, and at the same time to strengthen capacities of IVS organisations and stakeholders in their commitment with this cause.

The 2014 edition of Raising Peace is mainly based in Europe, despite it is open to the participation of all regions of the world. The main focuses will be on communication, capacity building and awareness raising. There will be different visibility actions at national and international level (all year long) , a Training for Trainers focusing on Peace and Human Rights Education in international voluntary service (May, France) and a Training on Advocacy and Campaigning aiming at increasing capacities of IVS representatives in their international and local work (June, Catalonia).

The June Training:

The training will be hosted by SCI Catalonia between the 24th and the 30th of June 2014, and will gather IVS representatives, staff and activists of different IVS networks and organisations. The participants will stay in a hostel near Barcelona (Caldes d'Estrac) but there will be 2 working days in Barcelona in order to network with other peace and human right organisations and to exchange skills and knowledge with other relevant partners.

It will focus on improving participants skills related to advocacy work and campaigning through specific workshops and exchange of good practices in order to work on a collective advocacy strategy and possible future campaigns.  

The main aim of the training is to empower youth workers (staff and volunteers in leadership positions) to improve their advocacy and campaigning work in the field of Peace and Human Rights.

The objectives are :

·         to provide participants with an understanding of the different existing platforms and networks for advocacy in the field of human rights and peace.

·         to explore ways to increase the presence and effective advocacy of IVS organizations in these networks and platforms.

·         to network among IVS organizations in order to increase the impact of their advocacy  work.

·         to study the different aspects of a successful campaign in the field of Human Rights and Peace

·         to increase the capacity of the participants in designing and implementing campaigns.

·         to develop possible campaigns for IVS organizations in the field of Human Rights and Peace.

The results of these will be :

·         more coordinated advocacy work of IVS organizations especially when it concerns Peace and Human Rights issues.

·         to increase the number of IVS volunteers with advocacy and campaigning skills.

·         to increase the visibility of IVS organizations especially in relation to the promotion of a culture of Peace and Human Rights.

Profile of the participants:

Active members of CCIVS member organisations involved in or with a big interest in advocacy work and campaigning. Networks are strongly encouraged to actively look for participants for this seminar in order to increase the common advocacy work.  

Participants should be preferably under the age of the 30.

Practical information:

Venue: Catalonia (nearest airport Barcelona)

Dates: June 24th 2014 (arrival day) till June 30th 2014 (departure day)

Number of participants: 25

Participation Fee: 50 Euros to be paid upon arrival.

Travel Expenses: CCIVS can support the participants by partially covering their travel (international and local) and visa expenses on receipt of all transport tickets outgoing and incoming tickets/boarding passes, receipts etc.  Reimbursements will take place up to three months after the event has taken place.

Reimbursement of 70 % with a maximum of 700€

Application procedure:

Fill in the application form online: application form CCIVS advocacy campaigning By May 20th 

By the 22 May all applicants will receive an answer in order to be able to proceed with the visa procedure and /or travel arrangements.

As this activity is funded by the Council of Europe there is just one space for a representative from each of the following regions: (1)Africa, (1)Asia, (1)Arab States and (1)Latin America 

More questions? Send your inquiries to



From 28 April to 3 May 2014, SJ Vietnam took a great pride in hosting NVDA EC Meeting at Mai Hoang center which is one of our new projects this year in Ha Long, Quang Ning province.

With 5 representatives who are EC member and also leaders from NICE (Japan), FSL (India), Voltra (Hongkong), VSA (Thailand) and SJ Vietnam, we discussed about the most important policies of NVDA, plans how to improve NVDA activities and found the solution to promote Asian Volunteer Service not only within NVDA members but also along Asia.

Eventhough we didn't have much time to stay in Vietnam, but we still organised a very interesting talkshow about international voluntarism service with selected students at National Economics Universtity and cultural exchange activities with disabled people at Mai Hoang center.

After 5 days of hard working , SJ Vietnam who was the first member of NVDA got suceed in signing MOU with University Darussalam to host their students for long term volunteering project.


Young Education for Sustainable Development Leaders Participate in UNESCO ESD Youth Conference

Deadline: 1 June 2014

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Government of Japan are jointly organizingEducation for Sustainable Development(ESD) Youth Conference. Young ESD leaders around the world committed to built a better future through education are invited to participate in the conference to be held in Okayama City, Japan on 7 November 2014.

The conference majorly aims to provide a platform for ESD youth leaders from around the world to engage in dialogue and peer learning to enhance their ESD practices. Fifty (50) young ESD leaders from around the world will be brought together to share their success stories and innovative ESD initiatives. Other participants will be 20-30 observers from ESD/youth-related organizations in Okayama and other parts of Japan.


  1. Opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with peers. Participants will get platform to discuss innovative approaches to ESD and ways to promote young people’s contribution and further involvement in the global ESD movement.
  2. Participants will also be involved in developing recommendations for the UNESCO World Conference on ESD. The UNESCO World Conference will be held in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan from 10-12 November 2014.

The successful applicants will receive travel sponsorship – roundtrip air tickets, accommodation, meals and transportation within Japan.

Program Schedule:

  1. 1 June 2014                             Application deadline
  2. 15 August 2014                      Selection Notification
  3. August-September 2014         Travel and visa arrangements
  4. September-October 2014        Online consultations with participants
  5. 6 November 2014                   Arrival Okayama/Registration, Orientation, Opening Ceremony
  6. 7 November 2014                   UNESCO ESD Youth Conference (Okayama International Center)
  7. 8 November 2014                   Excursion hosted by Okayama City
  8. 9 November 2014                   Transfer from Okayama to Nagoya
  9. 10-12 November 2014            UNESCO World Conference on ESD (Nagoya Congress Center)
  10. 13 November 2014                 Departure from Nagoya
  11. By the end of November        Feedback submitted by participants to the organizers

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must be 18-35 years of age with demonstrated active engagement in the field of Education for Sustainable Development.
  • Candidates must have a good command of English, and be able to actively participate in conference discussions.
  • Candidates must commit to attend the full schedule of events in Japan from 6-13 November 2014.

Interested Young ESD leaders must complete the application form and submit via email. Recommendation letter from a head or officer of an ESD/youth-related organization or institution stating the applicant’s engagement and relevant competency in ESD is must.

For more information, please visit:



From 7/4 to 19/4/2014, a group of 17 students who are from Belgium together with 4 Vietnam volunteers from SJ Vietnam have implemented many volunteer activities in Phu Thuong Primary School I, kindergartens Phu Thuong in Phu Thuong commune, Vo Chau district.

Different activities were carried out such as games, singing lessons, teaching English to students, sanitary premises, and painting the classrooms. In addition, the group has donated 6 sets of school furniture (cost of 5 million VND/each), donated books, school supplies, toys, toothbrushs, toothpaste and more for the pupils of the school  This is the 3rd time that SJ Vietnam has run a short term project in Vo Nhai.


Group photo of teachers and students in Phu Thuong commune.



Dear Friend,

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Buoc Village, 160km away from Hanoi.


March 18 – 29, 2014


A group of 7 international volunteers and one local camp leader participated in this work camp:


Supporting Disadvantaged Families:

Volunteers assisted in repairing the front yard of the project site, making a fence for the families and helping in general house work tasks.

Working at the Local Kindergarten:

Participants had duties teaching in the village kindergarten where they taught and played with young children. They also helped with renovation in the building.


Cultural Exchange with Youth:

The volunteers had the opportunity to interact with the Thai youth of the village and learn about their cultural differences as well as share knowledge. It was a great opportunity for the international people and local people to appreciate each other’s cultural differences.



"International Workshop on Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship"


The international workshop envisions to strengthen the entrepreneurial and leadership skills of 50 promising young leaders and young entrepreneurs.

The major objectives of this event are as follows:

At the end of the workshop youth participants will have:


We are looking for 50 talented international youth with the following profile:

We also would like to emphasize that the international workshop is NOT suitable to participants who expect a full concentration on their business idea. Tough the international workshop will touch upon the participant's business idea and provide relevant feedback, it will also provide room for the enhancement of leadership skills, mind-set development, participants networking and multicultural engagement.


The secretariat will grant 15 scholarhips to support the participation of talented youth from any nationality.

The Scholarship covers the following benefits:

*Up to 300 euros for European based participants

*Up to 1000 euros for participants based in countries other than Europe

*Round-trip expenses will be reimbursed after the workshop against the submission of the originals of purchased air-tickets.

***Other expenses that may arise and which are not mentioned in the benefits of the scholarship, are to be afforded by the participant.

DEADLINE: 30/4/2014

Please follow this link to register:!register/cl6s



In the framework of youth development program, SJ Vietnam is delighted to be invited to workshop "UNV Youth Employment Skills Development Program" held on 17th and 21th Feb 2014 at Hanoi university of Business and Technology, hosted by UN Volunteers in Viet Nam with collaboration with UN Volunteers from UN Agencies(WHO, UNDP, UN Women, etc), professionals from NGOs and UNV Partners.

With participation of 40 4th year students in Ha Noi, we organised 3 short training courses related to:

- Interview skills (Behavior, how to present your capacity, communication skills in interview);

- Mock interview / CV / Cover letter (Practice interview with feedback from specialists from UN agencies, SJ Vietnam, Live&Learn, VVIRC); 

- Volunteeerism for development;



Tet is traditional new year which is celebrated in Viet Nam as well as in Korea, China and Japan.  It celebrates the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese calendar, a lunisolar calendar, which usually has the date falling between the months of January or February.

Knowing that a lot of poor and hungers along Vietnam can not afford to have a real New year, that's why we choose Tết - lunar new year - to be one of the most suitable event to run winter camp.

From 10 - 24 Jan 2014, SJ Vietnam, together with 10 Korean volunteers from UNESCO program, have run a winter camp in Phu Yen province. It was special project when all volunteers collaborated with local students to raise fund for poor people through culture exchange event: flea market which sold Korean food, clothes, face paiting, traditional nail art and performance night which attracted nearly 1000 participants.

All the fund was given to:

- 127 disable children in Niem Vui school

- 250 poor patients in Phu Yen hospital

- 5 schorlaships for best students in Phu Yen

- 20 poor families and ethenic household

Taking photo after playing and giving gift to the children in disable school

                          Cooking and giving food to poor patients

In the meanwhile, in Hanoi, an other workcamp was making Chung cake -  is always considered an essential element of a traditional Tết. 400 cakes were given to rural area (Dien Bien Phu), fisher villagers, disabled school and orphanages.




On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th December, two families, one from Australia and one from Singapore, came to meet SJ Vietnam in order to give a donation. The children were brought to see the real life in Fisher Village and in Youth Center. Sometimes when we travel there is the risk that we stay only in the touristic area, in beautiful hotel and we have a tour guide who brings us to nice places. In this way we can be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape and we think that there is nothing else to see and to understand about the country. These parents, instead, think that it would be important for the education of their children to show them that there is a hidden reality behind the natural magnificence. They want to give them the message that we can always bring a little help to these countries and that is important to remember how lucky we are because we can travel and discover the world.

The parents want to show to their children that they don’t need to look the world from far, from the TV or newspapers, they can take part in it actively and make a difference in the daily life of someone else. They try to teach their children that they should open their eyes in all directions and not to forget about people who have less than us.




Santa Claus begins his journey with a big bag full of gifts for Christmas. On Saturday afternoon he stopped in the Aspiration Center to bring some happiness to the autistic children. The international volunteers of the Christmas Work Camp performed an original show about Santa Claus and a Witch who wanted to steal his hats in order to warm the atmosphere and the hearts of these children. The children were very surprised when they saw Santa Claus open the door and come inside with his big sack of gifts. It was a very happy and colorful afternoon; all the young volunteers had beautiful hats on their heads and paintings on their faces.


On Sunday morning, the children in Youth Center also got to celebrate Christmas with the volunteers. A special group of volunteers from Japan organized some games to play with the children in Bach Thao Park. Both the children and adults seemed very happy to celebrate the coming of Christmas. At the end of the game, Santa Claus arrived with a big sack full of presents to give to the children.

When I saw these children looking with happiness to Santa Claus waiting for their gifts, I remember my childhood and when I woke up in the morning of the 25th of December with the hope to find a lot of presents in my sock at the end of the bed. There is no better day then Christmas to bring some happiness to poor children!


After this weekend with all of these happy children, I can say that we are never too old to believe in the magic of Christmas, and I will never lose the excitement of waiting until the 25th to open my presents! Christmas is everywhere around us if we believe in it!




In this cold December SJ Vietnam’s office comes alive with Christmas music and decorations and this is the beginning of the Christmas Work Camp! A group of 17 volunteers from different parts in the world including Korea, Japan, France, Germany and Romania come together in Vietnam in order to bring some Christmas atmosphere to the poor children. Every day the volunteers have something different to do, making Christmas hats and decorating Christmas trees, preparing presents for children and thinking about performances to do for the children.

Today, on 20th December, the first mission of the volunteers was to bring presents to the children in the National Hospital of Acupuncture. They also had the opportunity to massage and play with the children. Everybody in the hospital seemed very happy; the family, the doctors, the nurses and of course in particular the children who found a lot of new friends to play with.

Now, there is a very happy and warm atmosphere in the apartment of SJ Vietnam on the 9th floor of Linh Nam Street. Everybody is getting ready and excited to welcome Santa Claus!




On December 13th, a beautiful festival took place at “Hoa Sua” School of Economics and Tourism for Disadvantaged Youth. The day involved collaboration between students from this school and students from Denmark. A cooking team prepared a lot of delicious food including some specialties from Denmark and other international food. The general atmosphere was very happy and animated by dancing and drumming. The festival was concluded by a football match in the rain between a team of Vietnamese youth and a mixed team of Danish and Australian youth. The event focused on the cultural exchange between two generations of young students born in different countries and their dreams and projects for the future. Despite different upbringings these Vietnamese youth and international students have the same question in their mind: What do I want to do in the future?



From 3rd to 8th December 2013, SJ Viet Nam staffs participated in final conference of IMPACT project, hosted by CESTC under supported by CCIVS.


The conference marks the final phase of the year long project and aims to provide an insight on the project’s results in terms of research, of cooperation between stakeholders and of tangible outcomes.  
As such the tools and instruments and outputs used will be shared in the conference. The aims is :

1) to provide a tool or instrument with guideline for youth and NGO to measure the impact of IVS.

2) To reconfirm/show the impact to youth/NGO/Community after IVS project and to understand what kind of youth (personal)/Community development could be present via IVS project.

The conference should also be an important moment of exchange between people who took part on the project and organisations who are partners of this project. There will be an evaluation on the project as a whole and on the types of tools and results which have been attained. From this proposals should be shared for the future of the measuring of Impact in IVS.



International Volunteer Day is a day that is celebrated around the world. Originally started in 1985, International Volunteer Day is a chance for individual volunteers, communities and organisations to promote their contributions to development at the local, national and international levels. On Saturday 7th December at Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi saw many different volunteer organisations join together to share information about their projects. SJ Vietnam brought together local as well as international volunteers to engage in games and art projects to promote the association. The enthusiasm that the local volunteers showed towards the international volunteers made the day all the more special. Sharing this experience with the other volunteers demonstrated how important it is to highlight the work that is being accomplished not only in Vietnam but also around the world.




On 17 November 2013, Quang Ngai, a city located in central Vietnam, experienced large-scale flooding, triggered by heavy rain. According to the latest news, 41 people have died and 250,000 people have been displaced from their homes. Binh Dinh province experienced the worst flooding, with a total of 12 deaths. We ask for and encourage help from those that are willing and able. We are in need of water, noodles, bedding, clothing, tents and any donation would be greatly appreciated.

We are eagerly waiting for your help and thank you to everyone from the bottom of our hearts!


SJ Vietnam – Youth Centre


Phone number: +84 0904597598 (Mr.Linh)


Following is the address for your donation:

Account number: 032 1100 294 002

Name of bank number: SJ Vietnam

Bank name: Military Bank (MB)

Branch Address: Xuan Dieu, Hanoi


Tel: +84 4 62661088



The hospital where we volunteer is called Bệnh Viện Châm Cừu Trung Ương, which translated would be something like the National Hospital of Acupuncture. We were told to go there and massage the kids after their sessions of acupuncture, twice a day. That is from 10 to 11:30, and from 2:30 to 4.

The Hospital is in an area where there is nothing around, it's proper Vietnam where no one speaks English and the only westerns over there is us. Which is pretty cool! :-) As we are living in an appartment that is even futher away, we need to take two buses to get to work: number 4 and number 51. It's a long journey and we all have bus passes.


Each day, on the way back, we keep encountering the same people. One of them is this Grandad and his Granddaughter. They are so cute together! I finally managed to take a picture of them. He is like Mr.Miyagi but with cooler clothes! Every day he brings a new colorful outfit that outshines the rest of us. He is brilliant!

Either way, once we get to the hospital we go straight onto the rooms and start massaging the kids. Playing with them a little bit as well, and mostly trying to make their days a bit better.

Because it's a Hospital where only Vietnamese people go and they are not used to western people, the first day we arrived they were all shocked. I didn't know what was going on, but they were talking to me in vietnamese and touching my arms and face a lot. It was a strange - comical situation to be in. Later on I found out why they were doing that. Apparently their beauty standards are very different to ours: a pretty girl is considered to have white skin, big eyes and red lips. The whiter you are, the prettier you are to them.

So that was the explanation they gave me on why they were touching me so much, they've never seen someone as white as us. I don't consider myself ugly, but I wouldn't say I am super pretty either. Their reaction made feel a bit funny at first, but now I just consider it a compliment that I gladly take! Besides, if I can't find a man in the next year or so, now I know I can always try it with a Vietnamese! :D I even got chat up by a guy at the bus stop! Haha! But to be fair, I think he just wanted to practice his English.

The life in this hospital is hard. These families are from outside Hanoi and they need to be there every day: morning, afternoon and night. That's why they live in the hospital, even if they don't have enough beds and they need to share them.

The kids are kids: they like to play all the time and they don't like neddles. Who can blame them?! That's why the organization is planning to create a playing room, but is not set up yet. They are still waiting for the funds to be approved, and this will take time (they don't know what the term "urgency" means at all). Hopefully I will be able to see it done, but I don't think that would be the case. :(

As you can imagine, with 110 kids to massage each day, you kind of have your favourites. I would say I have 5 kids that I will definitely remember for a very long time.

The fist one is a boy, of about 6-7 years old, that can not move properly or talk. I keep trying to figure out his name, but I can't never get it right! He is always laughing very hard when he sees me and he loves to Hi 5 me. He definitely makes my day every morning.

The second kid would be Lin (Sorry I don't have a picture of her!). She is 10, super mega skinny (she can't produce muscle) and she is the boss of the kids. Cheekiest kid ever! She only allows the westerns to massage her, not her mom or the nurses, only us. She was also the first kid to welcome us when we started. You can't get bored around her, she is so funny!!

Third kid would be Huong (I think that's her name). She is a 5 years old Down Syndrome girl and we have become friends. She comes to me every morning and follows me around everywhere I go. If I go to another room to massage another kid she doesn't like it, so what does she do? She follows me and checks the kid is nice. If she doesn't like the kid, she gets in a mood and slaps them. Not 100% nice, but it's funny. And when nap time is over, she comes to the waiting area to find me and sits on my lap until she is fully awake. She is always smiling at me. Huong reminds me of my cousins' cousin when we were little. She definitly brings back memories from my childhood in the country side with the family.

Another of the kids I really really like is a tinny little girl of about 4, she has a very big head (bigger than a normal kid) and her body is super mega flexible. She has so much light inside of her, and is cute as hell. Always smiling at me and saying hello (in a timid way) with her tinny hand. She is super sweet and never ever cries or gets in a mood. Not even when the kid next to her slaps her for no reason. Happiest kid ever! Unfortunately she can only mumble, but she loves it when I come to see her and make her stand up to "touch the ceiling". Then she takes a deep breath and sits back again. :)

The last kid would be an 8 year old girl that can't move her legs. She is very shy, but as soon as she gets to know you, another funny - happy persona comes to light. The best part of this kid is that for the first time in her life she is starting to feel a little bit her legs. It is impressive to see her strength and her grandma's perseverance. I definitely find it very inspiring.

Verbal comunication is not needed with this kids. They are all unique and very expressive, which makes it very easy for us to help them. I will try and get more pictures of them.

This past Tuesday Jack and I bought some bubble pistols to entertain the kids at the hospital. We call ourselves the "Bubble Crusaders", and we were on a mission: to make them laugh. We accomplished it!

They went crazy happy!! They loved it so much, it was like if that was the first time they've ever seen a bubble and went totally nuts for it. I ran out of ammunition, so I took the camera out and recorded this unique moment! These are a few pictures of them playing and smiling (I don't know who had more fun, them or us?!)

The most incredible thing about this hospital and the kids are the families that live there. I said this the other day to one of the organisers of the program when they interviewed us. They all come from different parts of the north of Vietnam, they all have kids with serious brain damage that are going to be part of their lifes for pretty much the rest of their lives, and yet they can all get on like one big family.


They support each other and they take care of each other. Sometimes both parents are there for the kid and they not only take turns and care about each other, they also give so much love to the kid that is overwhelming. Specially since this is not something temporal that will go away with time, this is for life.


I keep finding myself looking at them and admiring their courage. If I was in their situation I am not sure I could be able to handle it. Having a kid with Down syndrome or brain damage is hardcore work and time consuming, I really don't know if I would be strong enough for it. Specially unsure if my relationship with my partner would be strong enough to survive it, you definitely need to be on the same page when something this big happens. This families leave me speechless.


I always believed that everything happens for a reason, that Destiny/Karma/God or whatever it is out there, have their own way to make things work one way or another. With this said, I have been questioning why I was put to do volunteering at a hospital and not in an orphanage since I hate hospitals! And also questioning if we were actually helping the kids in any way (we are not properly trained to do massages). But I think I have been looking at it from the wrong prespective!


It's not about the massage per se, by doing that we help the nurses more than the kids, it's more about bringing some fun to the kids and their parents' life. Making them smile and laugh for a bit, cheer them up and break their routine. Help them to have a better day and learn to appreciate what we have that they've lost. It's a hard lesson to learn, indeed. Specially for me.


I am not going to go into detail, as I don't think it's necessary, but when I was 6 I had horrible headaches that got me to the hospital. It took 10 years to get them sorted and that's one of the reasons why I really don't like hospitals. To get rib of them, I needed to have a brain operation. But I was extremely lucky that at that time in Sweeden they were starting using this new laser technique for kids with my condition. Thanks to my parents knowledge and specially my dad's drive and perseverance, they found out about it and put me on their program. If it wasn't for this, I would had been operated and chances were that I would had become like one of the kids at the hospital: with brain damage or even dead.

Somewhere along the way I forgot about those years and what they meant to me and my family. It was specially hard for my parents to find the strenght to make it through the day. I was little an unaware of what was going on and I was lucky that I only suffered the physical pain and being at the pediatrics unit in the hospital. My parents and family members got it worse.

So when I go to the hospital every morning and I see those families and kids, they remind me of my own experience. On how much my parents went through and my life in the hospital. Maybe that's why I connect so well with them and probably the reason why I was choosen to be there instead. I needed to remember it, to be aware of how lucky I am to have my health and to appreciate my parents for fighting so hard for me. Basically, to not taking it for granted.

I think this lesson I am learning is key. You can not become a better person without knowing where you come from and what experiences you had. You can't forget who you are.

Everything happens for a reason. Always.





From 27.10.2013 to 1.11.2013 SJ Vietnam hold an evaluation meeting about Eat Smart project  which is funded by the European Commission within the frame of Youth in Action program.  Eat Smart is a project about healthy food and good consumption by cooking  culinary and traditional food, particularly focus on young people. In cooperation with Cesie from Italy, Cango from China, Pistes Solidaires from France, SJ Vietnam organized 6 local cooking workshops with totally 160 local people got involve. Young and disadvantaged chefs from Vietnam had chances to join a cooking training course in Beijing in March 2013 and food fair in Palermo, Italy in September 2013. The project finished with very good impaction to local community. 


Local summit in Vietnam- Localizing national youth policies

On September 15th, 2013 at a most popular public place for youth in Phu Yen which is 
biggest hall of Phu Yen University, there is a dialogue between 158 local youth and the 
authorities on the issue of employability for local youth with specific content on: 
- Authorities are representative of departments, agencies and institutions to present the 
discussion of issues related to youth employment. There are 5 discussions with the 
following topics:
1. The situation of youth unemployment and employment issues in Phu Yen province.
2. The policy of the government and Phu Yen for youth.
3. The role and actions of Youth Union in contributing to resolve youth unemployment 
issue in the province.
4. The role and functions of training centers for student’s employment.
5. Some measures to reduce unemployment, increase employment opportunities for 
youth in Phu Yen province.
- Dialogue between young people and the authorities who are representatives of training
institutions on the issue of youth employment.
- Summit summary.
- Research and evaluation after the workshop.
Participants are 140 youth, local authorities who are decision makers in youth and 
employment policies as well as stakeholders. The summit was facilitated by the 
politicians and youth leaders who got trained and involved in the project “Localizing 
national youth policies” in the Philippines in March, 2013

The summit lasted for 4 hours with lots of achievement in matching the need of local 
youth in employability and local government employment program that makes the 
youth are more confident in dialoguing with politicians to seek for their opportunities.
There were 5 recommendation reports were submitted to local government to propose 
more favorable support for local youth in the future and making youth policies easier to 
assess for youth.

Eat Smart- connecting cultures through national cuisine

Summer is over and all of us can feel sense the autumn in the air. September started, it means that the Food Fair of EATSMART in Palermo, Italia is very soon. For the Food Fair, four participating countries worked very hard for 6 Local Workshops in each country. Let take a look of activities of Vietnamese participants in these workshops country after coming back from training course in Beijing, China until now.

Nobody can forget the time in Beijing, when participants from Italia, Vietnam, France and China spent time together for training in a funny and professional atmosphere. We learn about other countries’ culinary, exchanging culture, cooking, discussing plan for Eatsmart, etc…Then, one week passed so quickly and each group came back to their own countries to start 6 local workshops of food culture.

We had two workshops with the topic “Younger and Elder”. What is the difference and similarity between younger and elder in eating and cooking of Vietnamese? We thought of those things and decided to make a workshop to answer this question. For the first one, chefs of Vietnamese team prepared some dishes that younger like and invited some elders eating them for commenting. For the second one, we went to market and cooked a popular Vietnamese family dinner. Then, we had dinner together like a family with the participating of three generations: grandmother, parents and children.

The two next workshops are under the topic of “Expert”. So that, we invited some experts of nutrition came to our office to share knowledge with participants we invited from different universities in Hanoi. We organized some games for them to work with Vietnamese ingredients: combining ingredients make a healthful meal, etc…Participants divided into two groups to play and experts worked as an examiner. For the next workshops, two groups of students joined a cooking to make some dishes. After this workshop, they gained a lot of experience of cooking technique from experts.

Two final workshops are “Cuisine”. Vietnamese chefs made a cooking show with the topic “Vietnamese rolling dishes”. We made 6 different kinds of plates that use the rolling and wrapping technique. From the north to the south of Vietnam, rolling dishes are very popular. And Vietnamese group finished the last workshop in an eco village in a mountainous city in the North of Vietnam. We visited their kitchen and experienced food of one Vietnamese ethnic group. All of us learnt lots information of culinary that we never know.

Three very enthusiastic camera-mans always accompanied with chefs to record every moment of local workshop. And after three months working together, we finished one 15 minute video of Vietnamese culinary through these 6 local workshops. This video is also the product that we will bring to Palermo to show with friends from other countries. Although we spent a lot of private time and energy for it, we feel very happy with this product.

The project is granted by European Comission


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

One hundred kilometer from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen, our group included sixteen Korean volunteers from Yeungnam University and three local volunteers that went to Thai Hai-stilt house reservation village to organize summer workcamp from 20-27 July 2013.

Here is one of the volunteers’ diary I would love to share :

“ Today is the last day of the work camp so there is a mixture of the feeling from each team member. Some of them are sad because it is the last day in the local people and the kids in Thai Hai Village. Some are excited because they will have the chance to travel to Hanoi soon. Although it is the last day but the team spirit is still high. Working in the tea farm and washing the mossy road as every

morning, having fast lunch, and meeting for the very last wonderful night in Thai Hai with the children and local people. We created a cultural night exchange from 6 p.m with Korean foof buffet that were cooked by Korean volunteers. For musical fes, we danced, sang..together. Everybody was very touched and realized the importance of gaining experiences and sharing in daily life

After 10 days of working together, we realize that we are truly family because of “Nationality is nothing, Age is nothing, Gender is nothing”. It has been a wonderful time together”


Building houses for poor families, repairing schools and donating cows in Phu Yen

Since 2-25 July, 2013 8 SJ Vietnam and 84 Youthlinc volunteers have finished a workcamp for buiding 2 houses, repairing Xuan Lam kiddergarten and Xuan Lam primary school, donating 42 sets of chairs, tables, medicial equipment, 16 cows  and 160 mosquito nets for poor families at Song Cau, Phu Yen. Besides, Youthlinc volunteers taught villagers to make soap, sewing, health-care, family business model, etc. There were lots of cultural exchanges, sport games organised each afternoon.

Youthlinc team made wonderful job during their volunteering for  poor villages  in Song Cau. The local people are so grateful for their contribution to community development here.

They look forward to welcome Youthlinc team next year with the big thankfullness.



Impact of volunteering

Together with CCIVS, in July, SJ Vietnam send 2 researchers from Vietnam and host 2 from France to make a survey on the project "Impact- Creating synergies between NGOs and the academic sector to measure and value the impact of international voluntary service" that aims to enhance the capacity of international youth voluntary service organisations to valorise the results of community-based projects while developing sustainable partnerships with actors from the formal education sector.

The objectives of the project are:

• Conducting targeted research on the impact of voluntary service using the expertise and the  experiences of all actors (youth organisations, formal education institutions, etc.) involved inthe project;

• Providing youth organisations with instruments to be used in the gathering and processing of research data (qualitative and quantitative) regarding the impact of international voluntary service;

• Contributing to the personal and professional development of young people engaged in youth activities or formal studies across Europe and Asia;

• Providing guidelines for conducting research and creating organisational policies on the monitoring of the results and impact of international voluntary service projects;

• Developing new and sustainable and/or enhance already existing partnerships between youth organisations and formal education institutions as well as local communities and other stakeholders.

We wish that our Vietnamese researchers would have good contribution for the project and French counterparts would have enjoyable experience in our workcamps.


Volunteers' project to repair water filters for poor people at Fisher Village

From 20 to 27 July, a volunteer group from the Better World and SJ Vietnam local volunteers have a project to repair water filters for floating families at our Fisher Village. All the water containers made by previous volunteers of the last workcamps are now damaged. Raining season starts in Hanoi since July so many families couldn't have fresh water to use but they have to take water for Red River for their daily life. Therefore, the voluntary activities are very helpful for the people.

By washing sand, putting clean chako, installing different levels of clearing materials, we hope that after the project ends, all the containers would be in good conditions that Fishser Villagers could use fresh water again. 



International Children Day

We wish you to have had a happy children day on the 1st of June. Friday 31st of May, our volunteers celebrated with us this day in Phuc Tue Center and in the Youth Center.

"In order to entertain and please the kids of the youth center, Linh decided to organize a day at the botanic garden in Ha Noi. The task was not easy. In fact we had to look after more than 15 children but we could count on the help of 10 local volonteers and the less we can say it's that it wasn't useless. 

The morning we planned to play team games. These teams were composed of the kids and the volunteers. Despite one or two kids, all were involved. It was a good way to communicate and build relationships between the kids and the volunteers, for those who didn't know well them. After all the physical activities the kids and the volunteers grouped together around an organized pic nic. In the afternoon, the kids were brought to a special place to do linskating or patins as it's said in Vietnam. It was a great moment to try a new activity for the kids. It was the first time for the most of them but they all showed evidence of abnegation. As a reward a cloth would be offered to the kids later in the afternoon, just before the football game.

To put it in a nutshell, we can say that it was a great day for all of us because everybody had fun and it was a great opportunity to bound relationships with the kids. In my case, I was really happy because I could see happiness on all kids faces that's why I want to thank all the volunteers for their implication and Linh for his leadership during the preparation." Damien (French Long term volunteer)


Congratulation ^^Final selected candidates for 9-month EVS in Italy, Poland and Spain!

Solidarites Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) has conducted the interview for selection process of candidates European Volunteer Service in Poland, Spain and Italy, and now we are happy to announce the following successful applicants who are finalist.

1 Luu Truong Hoai Nghiem

2 Le Thi Khanh Thu

3 Nguyen Trung Duc

4 Nguyen Thi Kim Dung

5 Huynh Linh

6 Thai Hoang Vu

The volunteers will have another interview with hosting organizations and there will be 3 will be selected to start their EVS in those countries in September, 2013

We wish you all the best and thank you for your outstanding performance!


Final Results for Workcamp in Korea

Short-List of Applicants For EVS in Italia and Poland for 9 Months


* Congratulations to Nam Khanh Tran! You are choosen to take part in GMarket Workcamp in July in Korean.

* 08 outstanding applicants for ESV in Italia:

1. Do Thi Trang
2. Le Thi Khanh Thu
3. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung
4. Phan Nguyen Luu
5. Phung Thi Minh Yen
6. Dao Hanh Nhung
7. Dao Thi Hoa
8. Kha Quynh Giao

* 03 outstanding applicants for EVS in Spain:

    1. Huynh Minh

    2. Nguyen Trung Duc

    3. Thai Hoang Vu

* 2 outstanding applicants for EVS in Poland:

    1. Luu Bao Nam Dung

    2. Luu Truong Hoai Nghiem


Calling Volunteers for World Heritage Workcamp

From 1st to 7th July, 2013

We need volunteers for World Heritage workcamp at Ho dynasty in Thanh Hoa with SJ Vietnam rom 1-7 July, 2013.

This is the third year SJ Vietnam has had opportunity to organize a World Heritage Workcamp at one of Vietnam UNESCO sites. We are urgently indeed of volunteers for this workcamp. The workcamp will be from 1st July till 7th July at Citadel of Ho Dynasty, Thanh Hoa. You could find out more... information about the workcamp in our website, our Facebook Solidarites Jeunesses Vietnam or email to
Please contact us if there is any volunteers interested in working on the heritage and environment issues.
Furthermore, you can find our more available placements in our summer workcamps along Vietnam.


An Interesting Work Camp In Phuc Tue Center

From the 1st to the 12th April, an international work camp of 7 volunteers (3 from Hong Kong, 2 from South Korea, 1 from China and 1 from France) and 2 local volunteers was organized in the center for disabled children. The volunteers had an opportunity to spend time with the children, help and play with them. They also contribute to restore Phuc Tue Center 1 and Phuc Tue Center 2. We painted the tables and chairs in new colour, repaired the classroom and gardened. The volunteers had also pleasure to go for a walk with some of the children along Thanh Niên street (cf. group picture) and to visit the Trấn Quốc Pagoda.


The volunteers built close relationships with each other, the atmosphere was really friendly and helpful. SJ Vietnam is really glad to give the opportunity to lot of people from different culture to meet each other and become friends in the context of a meaningful project for disadvantaged persons.

The next workcamp with the children of Phuc Tue Center will be from the 7th to 18th May.


Call for Vietnamese volunteers to join workcamp in Korea from 8th-17th July

SJ Vietnam is promoting to send Vietnamese volunteers to Korea for a workcamp from 8-17 July organised by our partner, Better World.

This is a special program this summer with the support of Ebay Korea and IWO, Better World is organizing the Gmarket Global Volunteers from 8 to 17 July 2013, including arrival and departure dates in Seoul. For your information, Gmarket is a brand of Ebay in Korea.

This international volunteer project is aimed at providing intercultural classes to elementary students of the disadvantaged areas and renovating the local educational facilities in the rural communities. A total of 110 volunteers that consists of 60 Korean and 50 international youth (age 18-30), will meet in Seoul first and they will be divided into 5 groups for local project sites. After the volunteering activities are over, all volunteers will gather back in Seoul to share their activities with the others.

Better World will NOT charge any participation fee as all local logistics during the official program duration will be covered. All international participants will get partial financial support for their travel expense (please refer to the Call for Participants for the reimbursements).

If you are interested (and there is a qualified candidate), please let contact: to let us know of your interest of nomination by 26 April 2013 (Friday) while sending the applications to us by 08 May 2013 (Wednesday).    

We will give priorities to experienced volunteers who already joined SJ Vietnam's workcamps or have contribution to voluntarism in Vietnam. The sent volunteers are expected to involve in running workcamps with SJ Vietnam or sharing their learning on Korea when they come back.                                                      

Further information is provided in the attached Call for Participants. Once we receive the applications, we will review, confirm and notify the finalists to you.

 For further information, you can email us or call SJ Vietnam office from 9 am-6pm Monday to Friday at: 04.22154993 or 04.6285535.



A Call for Participants - EVS for Global Understanding

EVS for global understanding is a project that includes 30 EVS mobility between 6 and 10 months with the Europe-Asia dimension. There will be 21 volunteers from Spain, Poland and Italy implementing their projects in Vietnam, China, and Philippines, and 9 volunteers from those countries implementing their projects in 3 EU countries.

This project is an attempt to combat poverty, social exclusion of  young people with fewer opportunities, and at risk of social and economic exclusion. This will be done through education that volunteers will be provided. By offering the education that will contribute to the development of the local society, participation, and in the long term basis to eradicatation poverty, improvement of the health, elimination illiteracy, and gender equality the project will influence the development in general. On the local level they will contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

We are right now accepting the applications of Vietnamese for the EVS project in Poland and Italy. We are looking for the participants who are from 18 years old to 30 years old:

Please consult the project description that is attached to this page for detail information. Please read carefully all the information about the project, selection process, and volunteers responsibility before applying.

Hosting organisation:

-          Semper Avanti – Poland

-          Associazione Vicolocorto - Italy

Duration (from-to): 09 months from September 2013 till June 2014

Venue (town, region, country), lodging and food conditions: Please find more detail in the link;

Tasks of the volunteer: please consult the attached project description. The task will depend on the selected sub-project.

Basic requirements/volunteer profile: please consult the attached project description. The requirements will depend on the selected sub-project.

Pocket money: there will be 115€ in Italy and 85€ in Poland per month of the pocket money

Selection procedure: The general description of the selection project you can find . Candidates must fill in the application form (in English) and submit it to the sending organization – SJ Vietnam together with a CV, by 01st, May 2013.

You have to pass 02 interview with sending & hosting organization, The interview will be arranged and we will contact to you in advance.

For further information please contact to Ms Mien:


Phone: (+84) 422 154 993 (at 9a.m –, Monday to Friday)


Seeking local volunteers for our International Workcamp in April 2013

In April, we will organize  two international workcamps. We would like to seek 2 local fulltime volunteers for each workcamps and part-time volunteers also.

1) Name of the project: " Bring a smile to disadvantaged children at National Pediatric Hospital"

2) Period: from 15th to 26th April 2013 for 2 weeks

3) Location: National Pediatric Hospital

4) Aim: "Bring a smile" to the chirldren who are suffering from cancer or dangerous diseases.

5) Volunteer work: Creat activities to play with the children in hospital

6) Number volunteer: 2 Vietnamese full time volunteers (including leader) and part-time volunteers


1) Name of the Project : Special ESA (Eco Sponge Action) Workcamp in April 2013

2) Period : From 28/04/2013 to 05/05/2013 for 1 weeks

3) Location : Fisher Village, Hanoi, Vietnam

4) Aims :

- Improve the life in the Fisher Village together with the people there.

- Promote protection of water environment and raise public awareness on global issues

- Develop friendship, understanding and partnership between Vietnam and Japan.

5) Voluntary Work :

a) Give acryl and make Eco sponges with Fisher Village women.

b) Do some other useful activities at Fisher Village such as renovation of the houses, cultural exchange with FV people, helping people garden for spring season, organizing activities with children at Youth Center.

c) Other Programs : we have plan for Talk show about enviromental topic  with local people.

6) Numbers volunteers: 4 Japanese and 2 Vietnamese (including the leader)


If you are intertested, don't hesitate to contact to me


Warm Meeting with Macau Representatives


29th of March 2013, a warm meeting with 20 oustanding Macau representatives, Vietnam Volunteer Infomation Resource Center (VVIRC), SJ Vietnam and our Interns from France and Belgium was be held successfully.

It’s a precious opportunity to share not only the differences of voluntary movement in each countries but also our own memorable voluntary  stories. We talked, shared, disscussed and sang together. All the stories and songs made us closer and closer. The people said that Nothing could be stronger than volunteer' heart. We can feel it deeply from all the moved stories that were told by representatives.

In the future, we hope that we can be a potential partner to creat more meaning voluntary activities, to help more and learn more.


Fantastic ESA Workcamp 4th-17th March 2013

Friday 15th of March, the first Eco Sponge Action Work Camp of 2013 finished after 2 weeks. The team was composed by Hang (our coordinator), 4 Japanese volunteers, 1 French intern, 2 full time Vietnamese volunteers, 3 part time volunteers (1 Vietnamese, 1 Belgium and 1 German). Our team was multicultural so beside the work we could have discussion and exchange about our different cultures and of course become friends.

During these two weeks, we had a plan to help Fisher Village (FV) people. Thanks to the project, we could buy 2 tanks per house to let them floating stably. We also created a nice clean, painted and decorated room where the children of the Youth Center can rest and play. All the team worked in a field close to the FV where some of the FV people are working. We helped them to remove the bushes and weeds. Now they can use it for agriculture next season.

We prepared some good lunch for the children but also a delicious Japanese lunch for the FV people that we shared with them the last day before going play football with the FV children.

Everybody was really friendly with each other. We appreciated the time spent together and would like contribute more for the ESAWorkcamp


In May the next Eco Sponge Action Work Camp will be held so if you are interested to contribute for a social project and to make new international and local friends, do not hesitate to join us.

March 2013. Maeva reported.


Seeking local volunteers for our ESA Workcamp in March


In March, we will organize :  ESA (Eco Sponge Action) with Japanese volunteers from 4th to 17th March 2013

We would like to seek one enthusiastic local volunteer for this workcamp with the following content:

1) Name of the Project : Special ESA (Eco Sponge Action) Workcamp in March 2013

2) Period : From 04/03/2013 to 17/03/2013 for 2 weeks

3) Location : Fisher Village, Hanoi, Vietnam

4) Aims :

- Improve the life in the Fisher Village together with the people there.

- Promote protection of water environment and raise public awareness on global issues

- Develop friendship, understanding and partnership between Vietnam and Japan.

5) Voluntary Work :

a) Give acryl and make Eco sponges with Fisher Village women.

b) Do some other useful activities at Fisher Village such as renovation of the houses, cultural exchange with FV people, helping people garden for spring season, organizing activities with children at Youth Center.

c) Other Programs : we have plan for Talk show about enviromental topic  with local people.

6) Numbers volunteers: 4 Japanese and 2 Vietnamese (including the leader)


If you are intertested, don't hesitate to contact with me through



Flying to Snake Year!!!

Lunar New Year workcamp that was run as an annual workcamp of SJ Vietnam. This year, we have some volunteers from Denmark, Japan, Germany and several enthusiastic local volunteers that join in the workcamp from 25th Jan to 3rd Feb 2013.

Here is a sharing of Nicolas from Denmark:“The very first time I go to Hanoi-Vietnam. The experience of making Banh Chung (Chung Cake) is one of the activities in Lunar New Year Workcamp I liked most. In my imagination, It should be make from flour, butter, sugar, strawberry..But from sticky rice, green bean, meat –some simple ingredients we made over 100 Banh Chung for the disadvantaged people in Fisher Village and in Phuc Tue. The moment I see all their smiling face I understand that the happiness people in the world are those who give happiness to another people ”

Time is flying to Snake Year-2013. SJ Vietnam and all our dear volunteers hope peace and blissfulness for everyone.

New Year, New Hope, New Deam, New Effort, New Achivement


2nd  PR Summit and 7th NVDA Annual Meeting in Thai Nguyen

Successfully, The 2nd PR Summit and 7th NVDA Annual Meeting was help in Thai Nguyen with 34 participants from 15 different organizations from 17 to 13 January 2013.

In the second PR Summit, we focus three specific goals by PR through sharing difficulties and know-how; getting new, effective skills and creating common visions and actions. With a lot of sessions and workshops, our purposes are: To get more recognition from people and other stakeholders widely; To get more numbers of qualified international and national volunteers; and To get more numbers and amount of grants and donations sustainably.

One time per year, member organizations of NVDA have a place to evaluate the previous year and plan the new year called NVDA Annual Meeting. In 2013, we continue following three main aim of NVDA annual meeting : sharing the situations of the members and strengthen partnership, solidarity and motivation; evaluating the activities and management of NVDA and member organizations in 2012; and planning activities for 2013.

With all our efforts, we hope that NVDA is always a friendly home where you can share more and more.



“Sharing is like a garden, It is small but you reap more than you sow”

Happily, The Christmas workcamp was launched. At that moment, 15 volunteers from Switzerland, France, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, America are preparing for Chirstmas party. It will be held in 23th of December in Youth Center with the children, local people in Fisher Village and local volunteers. They are so excited to make not only some colourful paper balls, flowers for decoration but also some hand-made toys for the children like a presents for the them.

Along with this Christmas workcamp and the coming ESA workcamp (from 22th to 28th December) We hope that we can bring more happiness to the difficulty children and disadvantaged people.

The time is ticking and time runs so fast. We are in the last month of the eventful dragon year. Let’s learn more, share more with SJ Viet Nam!!!

“Sharing is like a garden, It is small but you reap more than you sow”- Namhee from Korea said


Seeking local volunteers for our Workcamp in December and January 2013

In December, we will organize two workcamps:

ESA (Eco Sponge Action) with Japanese volunteers from 22th to 28th 2012-12-12

We would like to seek one enthusiastic local volunteer for this workcamp with the following content:

1) Name of the Project : Special ESA (Eco Sponge Action) Workcamp in December 2012

2) Period : From 22/12/2012 to 28/12/2012 for 1 week

3) Location : Fisher Village, Hanoi, Vietnam

4) Aims :

- Improve the life in the Fisher Village together with the people there.

- Promote protection of water environment and raise public awareness on global issues

- Develop friendship, understanding and partnership between Vietnam and Japan.

5) Voluntary Work :

a) Give acryl and make Eco sponges with Fisher Village women.

b) Do some other useful activities at Fisher Village such as renovation of the houses, cultural exchange with FV people, helping people garden for spring season, organizing activities with children at Youth Center.

c) Other Programs : we have plan for Christmas party with local people.

6) Numbers volunteers: 4 Japanese and 2 Vietnamese (including the leader)


Deadline (for application): 17 December 2012


Better World Group Workcamp with 17 Korean Group from 6th to 14th Jan 2013

For this workcamp We hope to find a right local volunteer with the detail of content:

1) Name of the Project: Better World Group Workcamp in January 2012

2) Period: from 6th to 14th January 2013

3)Location: Fisher Village, Hanoi, Vietnam

4) Aims:

 - To help the people in Fisher Village to have a better living condi

 - To exchange culture from two different countries

 - To experience “learning from each other and team building” by participating various volunteering activities in groups

 5) Voluntary Work:

 a)   Repair the houses for the people in Fisher Village

 b)   Help to plant potatoes, haverst corn..

 c)    Have various educational activites with children in Youth Center and local volunteers.

 d)    Organize cultural exchange and raise strong relationship between Korea and Vietnam Vols


 6)Numbers volunteers: 10 Korean vols and 3 Vietnamese (including the leader)


Deadline(for application): 20th December 2013


If you are interested in which workcamp, please don’t heritate to send your email to     [Ms. Hang]


A Call Fundraising for a Dream of Cannes Film Festival

 The “ESIA Voluntary Service – Volunteerism for Global Education and Understanding” is one of the main project for SJ Vietnam in 2013. With the attendance of 8 partner organizations from Spain, Lithuania, Greece, India, China, Poland, Philippines and Vietnam, we have a plan to run this project with several activities. This project is designed to use Global Education as a transformative learning tool which will lead all the partners to deeply understand each unique culture and transforming the culture of individualism towards a culture of partnership based on dialogue and cooperation. Building from the global education initiatives will ensure a partnership model that can lead into an international understanding and cooperation between nations and peoples.

For now, the members of the project have a deam that with the group of 40 young people from Europe and Asia they would like to make a movie and have it screened in Cannes Film Festival.

“We have a dream… The dream is to make the film about international volunteering, with a bit of drama, a bit of romance and with 40 young people from 8 different countries together. This film is tale of hope, courage, love and contribution of International volunteers towards the mankind. Finally we dream to do the International premier of this amazing peace of work during the Cannes Film Festival.

With this idea we want to prove that borders and not a limitation that young people from the entire world can work together promoting Love, Peace & Harmony through volunteering and mutual understanding, and that dreams can come true!” - the member of the group said

A call Help us with our crowd-funding campaign! is released few days ago.


You can get information in the following website:

Hope that with our efforts we can make the "imposible" become "posible"


International Volunteer Day 2012 in Thong Nhat Park 

IVD stands for International Volunteer Day which is an annual volunteer festival for all volunteers in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular.

On 4th of December, SJ Vietnam and several volunteer involved organizations took part in the festival in Thong Nhat Park. This year, Vietnam Volunteer Information Resource Center coordinated with UNV to organize successfully that festival with several activities.


At that time, SJ Vietnam had a work camp called IVD work camp with three Korean volunteers, one Japanese volunteers and some local volunteers. One of the purpose of the work camp is to prepare and join in the festival. Happily, all of them were so exited and eager to prepare for that. They made the banner by recycled paper, decorated the booth with their own painting..etc. “Staying together, working together like that make us closer. We can share more and understand more each other. It's such a great opportunity for us.” - Wooyoung - a Korean volunteer said.

Along with a lot of activities, in Au Co theater, The National Volunteer Awards Ceremony was held in the evening which was broadcasted lively on national TV program. Being awarded last year, SJ Vietnam was invited as a member of judges that Ms.
Phuc - director of the organization acted as a representative.


With the motto “Volunteer for sharing, learning and being responsible” SJ Vietnam hope that we can create more and more volunteer activities for more people.


Seeking volunteers for International Workcamp in Phu Yen

Dear all volunteers,

In January 2013, SJ Vietnam would like to call several volunteers for International Workcamp in Phu Yen.

International Workcamp is a kind of short-term international volunteer program which will often last 2 weeks with the participating of the different national volunteers. During two weeks, all volunteers will stay in collective life through joining in common project and intercultural activities. International Workcamp is such a life experience program with the challenges of working in multinational culture which is so popular for Youth in the world.

For each program, we would like to seek 3 Vietnamese volunteers:

* Requirements:

  - Take part in the whole program.

  - Have abilities of creating and organizing varied activities for childen.

  -  Be confident in your ability to communicate and work in the multicultural enviroment, specifically with Korean volunteers in that case.

  - Program language: English.


- Give priority for official members of SJV Club

- Be supported accomodation and food during the program.

- Be issued Certification in the end of the program (if join in and follow all engagements).

* Activites: depend on each program, each activity will be carried out in different places.   However in basic:

  - Upgrade and enlarge classroom.

  - Extend and repaint classroom.

  - Organize several educational activites for local children.

  - Organize Vietnam-Korea cultural night.

  - Make “Chung” cake for localpeople and children.

* Application:

- Send a profile including CV and cover letter (sharing your own thought and motication for this program) to

- Sending only cover letter if you are member of SJV Club

- Deadline: 14/12/2012

- Notice: Make clear which workcamp you would like to join (following the list code of workcamp below).

* Code of Workcamps:

-  Korea 1: 03/01/2013 - 16/01/2013 in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen

- Korea 2: 06/01/2013 - 14/01/2013 in Song Cau, Phu Yen

- Korea 3: 06/01/2013 - 14/01/2013 in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen

-  Korea 4: 21/01/2013 - 02/02/2013 in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen

- Korea 5: 21/01/2013 - 02/02/2013 in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen

After collecting applications, we will contact to suitable candidates to set up interview appointment.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to send email to or 0985558701 (Mr.Thanh)



Vietnam Volunteer Organizations of North Network Meeting

On 27th Novemver, 10 out of 26 members of Vietnam Volunteer Organizations of North Network organized a meeting at Vietnam Volunteer Information Resource Center (VVIR) office to discuss about the constitution of the network and the sustainale plans in 2013.

Playing a role as one of the member of the network, SJ Vietnam also took part in the meeting. Honourly, Ms.Phuc – Director of SJ Vietnam was appointed to be a senior consultant of the network.

Despite the fact that a lot of current challenges have to face and solve, We hope that with our best efforts the network can be a wonderful “common home” for all volunteer involved Clubs, Teams, Groups, national organizations and international organizations.



EURASIAWINGS Final Evaluation Seminar in Hanoi (Vietnam)

Being held in Hanoi (Vietnam) from 15th to 21st with participating of 4 organizations from  Italy, China, France and Vietnam including CEISE, CANGO, Pistes Solidarites and SJ Vietnam respectively, the Final Evaludation Seminar of Eurasia Wings got plenty of achievements.

Not only assessing the whole proces of implementing and the results of the project that run for almost 1 years but also being a opportunity for creating more new partnerships with more new project for youth by art.

With several official meetings, the representatives of each country shared their experiences how to run the project effectively and also exhibited the results of the project that each organizations gained. Besides, some workshops were also organized between NGOs – NGOs and NGOs - Enterprise. From that, each side shared more information to understand each other. The meeting between 4 international NGOs and Vietnam National Youth Union, Vietnam Volunteer Information Resourse Center and UNV was a bridge to build up a new partnerships in the future. Furthermore, the workshop of Setting up projects in cooperation with business with collaboation SEILAR – an enterprise producing Solar Pin Panel showed several advantages and disadvantages in sponsorship between NGOs and enterprise.

In order to introduce some new projects specifically “Eatsmart” and “Eurasiawings 2013”, and writing up new project proposal 2013 is one of the most important purposes of the seminar.

Moreover, along with some local exchange activities in Youth Center with local volunteers that make the seminar reach a great fulfill success.




Eurasiawings: Youth week of Green Art in Shanghai and Final Evaluation Seminar in Vietnam

In the framework of Eurasiawings project, 6 youth representatives from Vietnam had an honor to join Youth week of Green Art in M50 District in Shanghai, China. The event was published on the best selling newspaper in Shanghai named “Shanghai Morning Post”. Here you can find the link:

“Coming back from Shanghai, I still feel so excited about what I saw, who I met, and what I have done in Shanghai. I was so honor to be the first runner in International Volunteer Competition organized by SJVietnam and Language Link and had chance to join Eurasia Wings: Youth Week of Green Art. During 1 week working with all the participants from four countries I have learnt some and useful knowledge and skills to help me in working and social activities”. (Linh – the winner of Finding volunteer leader contest” held by SJ Vietnam, in the cooperation with Language Link Vietnam)

 The final evaluation seminar will take place in Vietnam from 16th Nov to 21st Nov with the attendance of presidents of 4 organizations from France, Italy, China and Vietnam including Solidarties Pistes, CEISE, CANGO and SJ Vietnam respectively. The seminar aims at not only evaluating Eurasiawings project but also creating bridges for youth organizations in Vietnam with international friends to build up new ideas for youth activities on art and environment. 


"Ganh hang rong" awarded as the best "art creation for a green planet"

The contest Art creation for a green planet in the theme of Eurasia wings project successully finished. The best prize was given to Ms. Nguyen Le Nga with the nylon paiting named "Ganh hang rong", temporarily translated as "The street vendor's burden". Nga is an artist and she spent 1 month to finish the painting without using any new materials but nylon bags and left paint at home. Nga not only wants to share the artic aspect of the painting but also expresses that everybody can protect environment by their own way.

Another art creations were highly appreciated for its creativity such as Reused banner bags, the Earth model...

The winner of the contest will be fully covered for the art exhibition and visit in Shanghai in October.

Further information, kindly find at:


Final result contest “Finding international volunteer leaders” (2nd year)

After many "difficult and chanllenging" rounds, the most outstanding candidate of the year was chosen among nearly 1000 candidates. She's is Le Thuy Linh, student of Forerign Trade University. Linh will get the 1st prize to join a voluntary trip in Shanghai from 23th to 30th October, 2012 and a scholarsip given by Language Link Vietnam.

The candidates in the top ten had chance to join the Annual Training for camp leaders in Thai Nguyen, Training on Video Making and Eco-learning by Unesco and Panasonic.  In addition, they also experienced many interesting workcamps by SJ Vietnam including Phuc Tue center for disabled children or World Heritage workcamp in Ha Long Bay.

"It's an aswome summer ever in my life with full of experiences and new friends from many countries over the world", said Linh.

"Finding international volunteer leaders"  contest is supposed to be an anual event for Vietnamese youngsters to exprience international volunteer activities at the aim of sharing, learning and being responsible as the organization's motto.


Great successful grand opening ceremony

of the Youth Center

Our Youth Center used to a Youth House, an 8-year charity project to help poor, street children and their parents living on slum boats on Red River. Now, our Youth Center is a new project composing 3 innovation ideas:

1, - a cafe (at very cheap price of drink) for volunteers, local and international youth , NGOs staff, social workers who would like to have intercultural exchanges and foreign language speaking environment. The profit of the cafe will contribute to pay for daily free lunch of 20 disadvantaged kids at Fisher Village under Long Bien Bridge. The cafe is also a job oriented training for the children and youth in the future.

2, - a charity shop of second-hand and hand made products for resell at very lost cost to support local community with the income to pay monthly school fee of 20 children who used to be beggars and rubbish collectors and have been sent to public schools by SJ Vietnam for 1 year.

3, - language classes for Vietnamese youth and children to learn/practise foreign languages (English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, etc) and for foreigners learn/experience Vietnamese coordinated by international and local volunteer teachers. There is also a library of books in different languages from many countries for free reading, exchange and borrowing (with some condition of returning the books). Many activities of cultural exchanges will be organized weekly by SJ Vietnam volunteers for participants.

Our Youth Center would be an interesting place for disadvantaged kids, youth who love volunteering , social workers and NGOs staff to meet up and exchange experiences and culture.


SJ Vietnam was rewarded as top ten most outstanding volunteer organizations in Vietnam!

On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, the 2nd National Volunteer Conference was held at Sofitel Plaza, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The UN report on global volunteers announced at the summit recognized the important role of voluntary activities and their contributions to national development, bringing people closer together working towards peace and development. Also at the conference, the 2011 Volunteer Awards were presented to 10 organizations and individuals.

One of the award-winning international volunteer organizations - SJ Vietnam, was established in 2004 and has expanded its activities in many environmental, educational and social projects while receiving hundreds of youth volunteers from around the world.

SJ Vietnam Director Do Thi Phuc, said the effectiveness of volunteer work is not only calculated by the number people involved, but also by the changes the volunteers bring about in the community.




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