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English for disadvantaged children at Cua Van Fisher village

Posted on 2010-04-06 10:41:02 by Max/Alice

Teaching English to disadvantaged children at Cua Van Fisher village.

Language: English
Age: 18 +

Work & Activities:

Halong Bay has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Area and is one of the most beautiful areas of Vietnam. Cua Van Fisher Village is located in Halong Bay, and is surrounded by the spectacular limestone carst islands for which the Bay is known. The beauty of the area, along with the friendliness of its residents, has led to a recent dramatic increase in tourism in the area.

Despite the increasing amount of money coming into the area as tourism grows, many of Halong Bay's diadvantaged children lack access to basic schooling, not to mention higher education. Children in the area often complete only primary school, after this staying at home to help their parents earn a living. Because income comes from the sale of goods to tourists - along with the traditional industries of fishing and aquaculture - the ability to communicate with foreigners is essential for these children.

Volunteers working on the Cua Van Fisher Village project are required to teach English to children, and to organise activities with the children which give them an opportunity to improve their English and relax after lessons. An important aspect of this project is using different and creative activities to help the children become more knowledgable about environmental protection. Local volunteers will support international volunteers in the management of this work.

Objectives: SJ Vietnam and volunteers encourage the children to attend classes regularly. These classes aim to teach basic English, which will help the children in their daily life. Volunteers have been increasing the children's exposure to education, which can help them to get a simple job and a better future to ensure their independent living and economic self-sufficiency. As environmental protection becomes a bigger global concern, and a particularly important one for a pristine region like Halong Bay, it is important that the children have a basic understaning of environmental issues. It is hoped that the children will be able to join in activities with others to protect the Earth.

Accommodation & Food: Simple accommodation surrounding the project site will be provided. Volunteers can also choose to stay in host families, a good option for those volunteers interested in improving their Vietnamese language and understanding of Vietnamese life. Volunteers need to bring their sleeping bag, mosquito net, pillow, and a sheet with them. Vegetarian catering is possible.

Leisure activities: Exchanges and discussions on culture, environment and global issues will be organized with a local youth Club and local people regularly. This will provide both volunteers and locals with a deeper understanding of each other's different cultures. Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist areas in Vietnam and the volunteers at this project will have the chance to explore its beauty. For food lovers, seafood in the region is delicious and diverse.

Location: Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

Remarks: Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, optimistic, patient and full of energy to work with children. They need to have good health, to not be prone to seasickness and be able to swim.

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