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Teaching english at public schools of Thanh Hoa

Posted on 2010-04-06 05:47:01 by Max/Alice

English access for disadvantaged children at SOS Villages and public schools at Thanh Hoa.

Type: EDU
Language: English
Age: 20+

Work and activities: Sun-Kid is an organization focusing on psychological and physical child development issues linked to health and education, and are a well-established and experienced leader in their field. Sun-Kid noticed that in a number of different villages in Thanh Hoa province (in the middle of Vietnam) there is poor access to foreign language education for children both in SOS Villages (see and in the public school system. They also discovered that many children in the region are extremely interested in learning English. Since implementing several projects aiming to teach English to these children, Sun-Kid have found that the children are good at learning English also!

For these reasons, Sun-Kid have created a number of projects helping the children of the region under the condition that English will be taught. Volunteers working on this project will teach English lessons to children at the SOS Villages and public schools where they cannot find tutors for this subject. The volunteers will support teachers during classes, organize performances and leisure activities in which they can help the children to improve their language skills, and check their level of English.

Objectives: The children at SOS Villages and public schools are eager to learn English, and would like more chances to learn and practice English, but do not have many opportunities. The time volunteers spend with the children will allow them a chance to practice English and improve their overall education. SJ Vietnam and Sun-Kid are glad of the opportunity to support the children's right to a better education.

Accommodation and food: The volunteers will stay at the project site. While conditions are basic, they are quite good in comparison with the average living standards of Vietnamese people. Thanh Hoa is well known for its traditional food which attracts many tourists, both local and foreign ones. Volunteers should bring their sleeping bag, sheet, pillow and mosquito net with them.

Leisure activities: Thanh Hoa has beautiful tourist places and attractive beaches that a lot of people visit each year. Volunteers can use their free time and holidays to enjoy the region as well as to sample its delicious food. The rich culture, tasty food and natural wonders of Thanh Hoa's neighbouring provinces can also be explored.

Location: Thanh Hoa province, centre of Vietnam

Remark: Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, active, optimistic, patient and posess the range of skills needed for teaching and working with children.

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