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English Tutor at Ha Tay welfare center

Posted on 2010-04-05 11:15:24 by Max

English tutoring and organising games for disadvantaged children at Ha Tay welfare center.

Language: English
Age: 18+

Work and activities: Ha Tay Welfare Center hosts around 10 orphans who are under 2 years old and around 80 disadvantaged, disabled and homeless children attending vocational training courses. The infants are taken care of well by nannies. The older children - from 6 years old to 18 years old - attend classes at primary, secondary and high schools. They are active and intelligent children who study either at public schools or in vocational training courses at the center for jobs such as motorcycle repair or carpentry. The children at the center also take part in planting vegetables and flowers and take care of the campus where they are living. Leisure activities are often held to bring happiness and for relaxing the children.

The center requires volunteers to support the children in learning a foreign language (English). Also required are volunteers with an expertise in one of the jobs currently taught at the center who can assist in the vocational training of older children. Volunteers will also arrange games and other leisure activities for the children.

Objectives: SJ Vietnam wants volunteers who can support the childrens' English language education and vocational training. Volunteers will also organize leisure activities to relax and reduce stress once the children have completed their classes. More and more children from the center are gaining positions in universities and colleges, so SJ Vietnam aims to provide the children with some basic knowledge of a foreign language and social activities which will assist them in their futher studies.

Accommodation & Food: Volunteers will stay at the project site with simple and basic accommodation. Volunteers need to take their sleeping bag, mosquito net, pillow and sheet. Vegetarian catering is possible.

Leisure activities: There are famous tourist places near the center that volunteers can discover by themselves at weekends and during their free time.

Location: Ha Tay district, Hanoi (50 km from the center of Hanoi), Vietnam

Remarks: Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, optimistic, and patient. They should have experience in teaching and organizing games for children.

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