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Hai Duong welfare center

Posted on 2014-01-16 10:18:49 by Maddalena

Fun and non-formal education for disadvantaged children in Hai Duong welfare center.

Language: English
Age: 18+

Work & activities: Hai Duong welfare center was established in March 1982. With about 1000 mentally and physically disabled and disadvantaged children attending the center from many parts of Hai Duong province. The center aims to provide compulsory education and vocational training to create employment opportunities for teenagers. It has a wide variety of courses for children ranging from 6 years old to 18 years old. For example, children between the ages of 6 to 12 are provided with educational courses and the older children can attend vocational training courses at the center. Volunteers are required to organize activities with the children and support the local staff. Volunteers will play games with the children, take care of infant orphans and organize activities such as funny games, collective activities, etc. The voluntary work at the center is quite intense and it requires high motivation and patience from volunteers, volunteers need to be well prepared before starting this project but will gain so much from the experience.

Objectives: To help the children integrate into the community and communicate with other people. To help the children become more self-confident thanks to the work of the volunteers. The children will have time after lessons to relax and have fun.

Accommodation & Food: The volunteer can live in a simple and small accommodation in SJ Vietnam's LTV House where he will stay in dormitory beds. It is supposed to have from 5 to 6 volunteers sharing a bedroom and up to 18 volunteers sharing 2 bathrooms/showers. Volunteers need to take their sleeping bag, mosquito net, pillow and sheet with them. Volunteers are responsible for their food: they can cook by themselves in the kitchen of the LTV House or go and eat outside. Vegetarian catering is possible.

The volunteer can also live in a home stay with a Vietnamese family. The details of the accommodation will be sent before volunteers’ arrival in Vietnam. Volunteers will either have their own rooms or their own beds in a shared room. The meals will be cooked by the host family. The volunteer will have breakfast and dinner in the host family and he will have lunch outside in some restaurants near the project site. 

Leisure activities: Two famous pagodas, Con Son and Kiep Bac, are situated in this province. There are also famous tourist places near the center that the volunteers can discover by themselves at weekends and during their free time. It is also easy to come to Hanoi from Hai Duong by bus.

Location: No91 Nguyen Luong Bang str, Hai Duong city (50 km from Hanoi).

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Remarks: Volunteers should be enthusiastic, patient, optimistic, creative, full of energy and ready to work with children with different levels of disability.

For more information, download the infosheet.

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