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Xuan Thuy National Marine Park in Nam Dinh province

Posted on 2014-02-26 17:37:50 by Max

Language: English
Age: 20 +

Work & activities: Xuan Thuy National Marine Park is 150 kilometers south-east of Hanoi. The area is considered to be a typical wetland ecosystem of national and international importance, and in 2003 Xuan Thuy Natural Reserve was approved as a national park. The core zone of the park has a total area of 7,100 hectares. In addition to high bio-diversity, Xuan Thuy National Park is known as an important platform for migratory birds including the Black-faced Spoonbill, (one of the world's endangered species), and other important marine species in the mangrove ecosystem. But there are many people living around the park and surviving off these resources as well. Many local projects such as planting mushrooms, raising bees to have honey, and collecting and classifying rubbish are being implemented to moderate the people's impact on this ecosystem.

Volunteers are expected to take part in these projects, as well as to support the local staff of the park in daily work such as: conducting research, creating reports, planting trees, building garbage storage and participating in social and collective activities with the local community. Also volunteers will organize workshops or campaigns to raise awareness of the local people about environmental protection and the ecological systems. Work will also include updating the website and promoting the park on the internet. Additionally, volunteers will organize English classes for the young people in the village, as well as for the park staff, who need improved English skills in order to communicate with the increasing number of foreign visitors to the park each year.

Objectives: The volunteers are expected to raise awareness about environmental protection within the local community. They can try to find solutions about how to protect the ecosystem during their voluntary work. This is a chance for volunteers to practice what they have learnt from universities/colleges, to participate in community based ecosystem protection, and also an opportunity to explore the diversity of the mangrove forest and the surrounding natural areas.

Accommodation & Food: Volunteers may choose either a home stay with a traditional local family or to stay at the guesthouse of the National Park. Home stay would give volunteers the chance to more deeply understand regional culture and values. In the countryside there are many traditional values that are still obvious in daily life. The area is also famous for its' seafood. Sleeping bags, sleeping mat, pillow, mosquito net, spray are needed. Vegetarian catering is possible.

Leisure activities: Volunteers can enjoy the rich nature of the park and the region through activities such as biking, sailing and bird watching. Locally, there are many temples and cathedrals to explore, and during the weekends it is possible to visit surrounding famous sights, such as Halong Bay.

Location: Giao Xuan District, Nam Dinh province (150 km from Hanoi).

Remarks: Volunteers need to have an understanding of nature, birds, mangrove forest and agriculture. They also need to be enthusiastic, patient, optimistic, and full of energy. They should be ready to work hard and be able to do manual work such as rice harvesting (for example). Volunteers shall be proactive in creating activities with park staff as well as with the local people. They should understand that sometimes there are a lot of duties but sometimes they will have quite a lot of free time.

For more information, download the infosheet.

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