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Support for disabled people at Hold the Future center

Posted on 2010-04-05 07:10:21 by Max/Alice

Supporting in designing and marketing for disabled people at Hold the Future center.

Language: English
Age: 18+

Work & activities: "Hold the Future" is a center in Hanoi for mostly young disabled people. Because of their disability and disadvantaged position in society it is difficult for these people to find work. "Hold the Future" conduct training courses and provide paid work once training is completed. Products produced by the center include lacquer paintings, embroidered fabrics, souvenirs and postcards and are exported to many countries. The proceeds of the sale of these products is directed back to the salaries and daily needs of the disabled people.

The center is divided into two sections: firstly, the production area for the products mentioned above and secondly a large garden. This garden features a variety of plants, from fruit trees, pot trees and decorative plants to vegetables. The garden also holds fish and poultry. This garden is tended to by the center's residents, the food it produces is sold at market, or used by the residents themselves.

The center needs volunteers with specific skills to join this project. Firstly, volunteers will need to assist the director of the center (who is also a disabled person) with website management and PR activities to promote the center. It is useful to have more relationships with the same kind of organizations in foreign countries in order to learn from them; the center hopes volunteers can help them in establishing new partnerships. The center also requires creative assistance in designing new samples to be produced at the centre. This is a very important way that the center can gain an advantage over other companies in the same industry. The center also requires volunteers with gardening/horticultural expertise, in order to expand and increase the yeild of the center's garden.

All volunteers at this project need to be patient, enthusiatic and hardworking during their time at the center. Experience in PR and design fields is necessary. Volunteers will find this project very interesting and rewarding.

Objectives: Promoting to support the center to have more partners as well as to have more new products for the center. The volunteers and the people at the center will share experience and skills.

Accommodation & Food: Simple and small accommodation in SJ Vietnam's LTV House. Volunteers will stay in dormitory beds. It has 5 to 6 volunteers sharing a bedroom and up to 18 volunteers sharing 2 bathrooms/showers. Volunteers need to take their sleeping bag, mosquito net, pillow and sheet with them. Volunteers are responsible for their food: they can cook by themselves in the kitchen of the LTV House or go and eat outside. Vegetarian catering is possible.

Leisure activities: Hanoi has many historical and cultural landmarks and is a popular destination for tourists. Visiting the Old Quarter or traditional trade villages are good choices for volunteers at weekends or during free-time. Many cultural festivals are held in Hanoi annually so this is a great chance for volunteers to explore the Capital which is 1000 years old.

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Remarks: Volunteers need to be enthusiastic, optimistic, and patient while working with disabled people. Volunteers should have PR and designing experience.

For more information, download the infosheet.

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